Thursday, 3 September 2015

Ann-Katrin Katsis - MA Show

"Our planet is our home, our only home. Where should we go, if we destroy it" (Dalai Lama, 2004)

My project is about creating an illustrated book. I have produced clear, thought-provoking and colourful Illustrations, which reflect what we do in our environment and how we need to look after the planet and think about the impact we are having in order to make a difference in the future" said Ann-Katrin.

My basic sources are the environment, art that uses rubbish, and illustration. By following the example of the artists who use rubbish in their work, I gathered bits and pieces that littered the streets. My main objective was to transform the old into the new, the useless into the useful. I want to include the rubbish directly into my work because it enlivens the idea as well as the form, rendering it more tangible and authentic.

Steven Hobbis - MA Show

"Throughout my Masters study, I have explored the ethical, diplomatic and political power Internet communities have and the way they choose to use this power. In my research one name kept cropping up: Julian Assange, who gained notoriety in the 1990s in his involvement with the ‘Cypherpunk’ movement." said Steven

"My project concentrates on the international controversy Wikileaks has caused, as well as looking into the man behind the organisation. Advocates of Assange praise the organisation for its attitude towards political transparency, information ethics and historical recording. Assange believes a civilisation is able to advance through an intellectual record, chronicling a nation’s development and uses this to legitimate his activities. Through publishing these highly sensitive documents, Assange has become one of the most controversial figures in the world and I explore the significance and complexities of the Wikileaks case as well as tracing the rise and fall of Assange."

Nadja Brunk - MA Show

The theme of Nadja's MA project is Travelling  she describes this as 
"a journey which takes you to strange places you have never been before, enables you to explore foreign cultures and experience moments away from daily life. With my project I want to motivate people from different backgrounds to get out of their comfort zone and try independent travel, away from all-inclusive holidays. 

In doing so I am creating a brand, which is represented through its website, where the user can chose their destination and their way of travelling. In the next step the user gets send an individualized box with useful supplies (postcards, travel diary, tips, selection of typical sweets, recipes), which encourages, motivates and inspires the user to try a new way of travelling even it seems scary at first. It is unlike typical travel guides. It confronts the user with questions and reflections, engages cultural interaction and gives the impetus for unique experiences and experiments."

Ramona Bietenbeck - MA Show

Ramona describes her project and show as containing contains two components, both of which are about representations of Japanese culture. 
"The first part is a film, which illustrates excerpts and impressions of the Japanese community in my hometown, Düsseldorf. The Japanese community comprises a smaller community within the German urban environment and influences our understanding of cosmopolitanism and global exchange.

The second part is an adaption of a Japanese woodcut of the Edo period that has been updated for the contemporary in the modern city of Düsseldorf. My interest in the art of the Edo period, as inspired by the artist Hokusai, inspired me to do a study of soft cuts and digital imitated cuts, which show a series of different views of the Rhine Tower of Düsseldorf. The pictures being created are modern interpretations of the art of the Edo period and the different art styles of that time."

Laxmi Bhatti - MA Show

"My project focuses on the interaction of the use of digital technology in Hinduism, which is about maintaining the authentic and traditional aspects of the religion, whilst also recognising the importance of integrating religion and technology." says Laxmi

The Dharma Project is a Hindu Foundation that aspires to participate in various awareness- raising campaigns to effectively create a positive link between Hinduism, technology and globalisation. The campaigns strive for a betterment of human life and mankind in order to reach the main objective of bringing together global communities in order to collect funds to support worldwide charities.

Current projects include, the launch of branded t-shirts introducing the existence of the foundation. The android application, which is another project provides a fun platform for educating Hinduism. The app portrays the symbolism of Hindu Deities and teaches true meanings and how these can be incorporated in the modern Hindu lifestyle.

Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Andrew Edwards - MA Show

Andrew has been keen to explore character development and animation in his MA project. 
"I decided early on to create one central character to base my project around, and the character featured in my project went through many changes during the project until I felt he was both engaging and relatable. The relationship between fantasy and reality has always been an interesting topic for me, so I was keen to take this opportunity to incorporate these themes into my film. My project is a short film animated in a 2D traditional style, using TV Paint. It centres on a boy named Craig who spends his time drawing and painting in his bedroom. Craig covers every inch of the room in drawings of dragons, knights, aliens, monsters and anything else that springs from his imagination. He creates characters and scenes as a form of escapism, and wishes to be a part of the worlds he creates."

Jolien Hampson - MA Show

"For my project I hope to develop my understanding of what it takes to be an illustrator, particularly with regards to children's books." said Jolien 

"Through researching and comparing work from well-known artists I have realised that the most honest form of expression is simplicity. Stripping back all of the unnecessary components and using the story and characters as a guide. By doing so it can allow the reader to form their own opinions and find their own meanings in the work. I have chosen the theme of bereavement for the book because I believe it is a subject that children long to understand. They question it and can sometimes be fearful of the lack of answers or acknowledgement on this subject.

The book allows the child to breach the subject and in some small way begin the process of accepting its place in life."

Melina Beil - MA Show

Melina's show focuses on what makes us unique? From a purely scientific point of view nothing but our DNA makes us unique. DNA carries most of the genetic instructions used in the functioning of all known living organisms.

For social reasons we feel the need to define our identity and do this in different ways, such as the way we dress. One key way of marking or adorning our bodies is with jewellery, which has always been used in human culture. It was used as a way of showing one’s identity and affiliation.

"My project combines DNA and jewellery. By extracting DNA, it can be made visible and turned into or used as the basis for jewellery. It can be your own DNA or that of someone dear to you. The DNA inside jewellery can be used to show your literal identity, your sense of belonging, or even your love for someone else." says Melina

Tim Baker - MA Show

Tim Baker's MA show is titled the Lions of Dissent and involves Music, visual and video communication
Is it a band? Is it a record company? Composer? Producer? Is it an art installation? Design? Music? Visual? Video? Is it one man? Is it ten?

Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Jiamin Zhang - MA Show

"This series of works is based on my autobiographical account of my journey from China to the United Kingdom" says Jaimin. 

I became aware of the correspondences and similarities of certain sights and experiences between life in China and the UK. With this inspiration and the enlightenment of the fantastic ‘light and shadow work’ by artists Tim Noble & Sue Webster, the final work encapsulates the idea of ‘communication and connection’ seen in the parallels between China and UK in different areas including culture, architecture, foods and lifestyle, and as presented by two forms: illustration and shadow artistry.

The illustrations were fused by two photographs, which were taken in Britain or Europe and China separately but from the same perspective. Each illustration has its own subject but all indicate that there are certain connections and communication between them.