Friday, 19 December 2014

Freefont Lato

Lato is a sanserif typeface family designed in the Summer 2010 by Warsaw-based designer Łukasz Dziedzic (“Lato” means “Summer” in Polish). In December 2010 the Lato family was published under the open-source Open Font License by his foundry tyPoland, with support from Google. In 2013-2014, the family was greatly extended to cover 2300+ glyphs per style. It now supports 100+ Latin-based languages, 50+ Cyrillic-based languages as well as Greek and IPA phonetics. In the process, the metrics and kerning of the family have been revised and four additional weights were created.
In the last ten or so years, during which Łukasz has been designing type, most of his projects were rooted in a particular design task that he needed to solve. With Lato, it was no different. Originally, the family was conceived as a set of corporate fonts for a large client — who in the end decided to go in different stylistic direction, so the family became available for a public release.
When working on Lato, Łukasz tried to carefully balance some potentially conflicting priorities. He wanted to create a typeface that would seem quite “transparent” when used in body text but would display some original traits when used in larger sizes. He used classical proportions (particularly visible in the uppercase) to give the letterforms familiar harmony and elegance. 
Lato consists of nine weights (plus corresponding italics), including a beautiful hairline style.

Thursday, 18 December 2014

Junior Designer - BBD Perfect Storm - London

Junior Designer - Cuco Creative - Bournemouth

We’re hiring! Junior Designers apply within…

Things are getting pretty busy around here… so busy in fact that we are looking to hire a full-time Junior Designer.

CuCo are a fast-paced, ultra-friendly, creatively-led design and digital agency based in Bournemouth.

We are looking for an enthusiastic and talented designer with a genuine desire to do brilliant work. Working as part of the creative team you will be confident in using industry-standard software packages including Indesign, Photoshop and Illustrator. Ideally we would like the candidate to have an understanding of PHP and WordPress or a passion to learn in this area.

Print design and artwork
Digital design, artwork + development
Brand Identity
Image manipulation

We’re a fun, energetic bunch so a dynamic personality and a thirst to work pro-actively is essential. You should be confident and passionate. The successful candidate will also be a superb communicator and able to on multiple projects at once and to tight deadlines.

Salary: DOE

We want to hear from you. Send your CV, portfolio and anything else that proves you are the one to:

Be warned… bland, uninspiring CVs and portfolios need not apply.

Graduate Scheme - Engine Group - London

The Engine Graduate Scheme gives graduates the opportunity to work in a range of best in class agencies at the forefront of the marketing and communications world. Engine is one of the UK’s largest and fastest growing independent communications company, providing a full breadth of services covering advertising, social media, sponsorship, brand reputation, public relations and brand consultancy. Our clients include Sky, Now TV, Santander, Unilever and Samsung, and we work with them in a range of ways, often across several of our agencies. With offices in London, Shanghai, Hong Kong, San Francisco, Brussels and Edinburgh, Engine is truly global in its vision and outreach.

Unlike other schemes that offer a rotation of placements in the marketing industry, Engine give you four 3-month placements – that’s just the right amount of time in which to ensure that you get a real feel for the different work that different agencies do, without feeling bored and stuck in a role that isn’t for you. You even get to select the agencies you want to work in, which means that you can choose to go for the ones that match your interest or even take a few risks.

We are looking for people with a strong academic record, excellent written, oral and presentation skills, creativity, initiative and passion. We are also looking for people who are adaptable and open-minded, those who can face a challenge with excitement and energy. Previous experience in the marketing is not a prerequisite for the application, though you will need to have some awareness of the industry. You will be at the heart of a fast-moving, hard working and lively environment where every day promises to be different and every moment provides you with an opportunity to make an impression on the world around you – we want to be certain that you can take full advantage of this.


Location of job
We are based in Central London, 60 Great Portland Street, W1W 7RT.

How to apply 
If this sounds like something you’d be interested in, please find out more by visiting our Graduate Scheme micro site which has been written by our current graduates. You will also find the link to apply.

Closing date

Tuesday, 16 December 2014

1,000-piece CMYK Color Gamut Jigsaw Puzzle by Clemens Habicht

1000 Colours Timelapse - Long from Jacky Winter on Vimeo.

This 1,000-piece jigsaw puzzle contains exactly 1,000 different colors arranged in the form of a CMYK gamut. The creator of the 1,000 Colors puzzle, Clemens Habicht, suggests the puzzle is actually easier than traditional image-based puzzles. When faced with a field of color, he says the placement of every piece becomes almost intuitive.

The idea came from enjoying the subtle differences in the blue of a sky in a particularly brutal jigsaw puzzle, I found that without the presence of image detail to help locate a piece I was relying only on an intuitive sense of colour, and this was much more satisfying to do than the areas with image details.

What is strange is that unlike ordinary puzzles where you are in effect redrawing a specific picture from a reference you have a sense of where every piece belongs compared to every other piece. There is a real logic in the doing that is weirdly soothing, therapeutic, it must be the German coming out in me. As each piece clicks perfectly into place, just so, it’s a little win, like a little pat on the back.

For more information visit

Monday, 15 December 2014

She Makes Comics - screening invitation

The Illustration Society would like to invite you to a screening of 'She Makes Comics' a fantastic documentary about women's roles in the history in comics. Location and time to be confirmed 

TYPE TALKS: Joby Carter

All the fun of the fair: the art of the sign writer

Joby Carter is passionate about painting letters, and for your entertainment will present a lecture on the art and craft of signwriting in Britain. 
Just a few years ago signpainting was so much of a dying art that it was almost impossible to find a practising signwriter who would be prepared to take on a trainee. Vinyl and plastic took over at speed, and the skills that people had been passing on for generations were almost wiped out overnight. Recently, as the virtual world of computer-generated graphics has filled our spaces with anodyne typography, there has been a resurgence in interest in the traditionally painted letter. Joby comes from the now rare position of someone who has been taught by a master signwriter in the old apprentice tradition, and he can trace his painting pedigree back to a signwriter working for the Hovis company at the turn of the century. He is keen that the art lives on and that the skills of the 19th century will still be around in another hundred years or more.

Joby Carter grew up surrounded by bright signs and beautiful letters on his family's vintage funfair, Carters Steam Fair. As a child he admired the work of Stan Wilkinson, the master signwriter working for the fair, and pestered him to teach him the craft. Eventually Stan succumbed to the pleas and Joby became his apprentice, learning everything he could about signwriting and fairground art, lining and coachpainting. Joby is immersed in the fair and its artwork, and spends the winters restoring and painting vintage fairground rides as well as teaching people to signwrite and to paint in the fairground style on his popular 5-day intensive courses.

15 January 2015: 1730-1930: Birmingham City University, P350 Lecture Theatre, Parkside Building, 5 Cardigan Street, Birmingham B4 7BD

Book a FREE ticket here

Friday, 12 December 2014

The Amazing Pattern Library

The Amazing Pattern Library is a project by Tim Holman and Claudio Guglieri 
This on going project compiles patterns shared by designers from around the world. 

Want to share your own patterns? Send your site url, twitter name and your tileable pattern and your designs will be added to the collection!

Thursday, 11 December 2014

Free Font - Cooper Hewitt

The new typeface, Cooper Hewitt, is a contemporary sans serif, with characters composed of modified-geometric curves and arches. Available in 14 styles and initially commissioned by Pentagram to evolve his Polaris Condensed typeface, Chester Jenkins created a new digital form to support the newly transformed museum. 
“Developing this typeface specifically for Cooper Hewitt has been enormously gratifying,” said Jenkins.

“Instead of building on the Polaris structures, I drew everything from scratch, using the existing forms as a rough guide for letter widths and master-stroke thicknesses.”

Download your free copy here or here

Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Poster Heroes Competition - FOOD IN THE LOOP

After facing the brief related to food intended as cultural and social topic, this yearPOSTERHEROES talks about the whole food chain in its broader aspect. We believe that environmental sustainability should also involve the entire food’s life cycle and everyone (stakeholders) who takes part in it. That includes food’s production, transformation, conservation, transport and direct sell to the final consumer; making sure that every step is made without loosing resources. The consumer is the one who decides what to eat and consequently what the food system will have to produce. Hence we need to change our diet habits if we want to modify the entire system. The awareness of our personal food and nutritive choice will lead that change.


There are 4 categories, Production, Transformation, Distribution and Disposal. To read more on these topics visit here

The competition is free to enter and the deadline is March 1 2015
To enter or to read the rules visit here