Friday, 30 May 2014

Jody Lundy - Race for Life

On the 19th July second year visual communication student Jody Lundy will be running the Race For Life Pretty Muddy 2014 obstacle course in Birmingham for Cancer Research UK.

"It’s a short 5K course but it’s notoriously wet and muddy so I won’t be able to time the run accurately, but if you’re interested I’ll give you an idea of how long it took to complete.

The link to my JustGiving page is here - if you can spare anything at all in support of the charity it would be massively appreciated, even if it’s just words of encouragement! 

Thanks a lot for taking the time to read this, and thank you again for any donation or support." said Jody

Good luck Jody and to all taking part in the Race For Life Pretty Muddy this year

Thursday, 29 May 2014

Student Success - Cal Jose

Cal Jose, second year visual communication student has recently completed a placement at FHM magazine

"I have been assisting the art director, junior art editor and the fashion director of FHM magazine. Ive really enjoyed the opportunity to put together concepts for articles and to design photo-spreads. I've worked on a number of pages and layouts and am very pleased with my collage for the Parklife 20th anniversary piece. I have loved the placement and it has helped to confirm my ambition to work in publishing when I complete my degree in 2015."

For more information about previous  student placement success click here

Final Show - Countdown

The countdown to the final show has started and preparation is underway. With over 40 visual communication students exhibiting this year, the show promises to be extremely popular.

Public opening
Saturday 7 June, 10am-4pm (closed Sunday)
Monday 9 June-Friday 13 June, 9am-5pm
Saturday 14 June, 10am-4pm

Tel: 01902 322 058

Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Aleksandrs Golubovs - Competition success

Final year Graphic Communication student Alex Golubovs is one of only ten students from across the UK whose work has been shortlisted by Publishers Penguin Random House for its prestigious 2014 Design Award. Penguin Random House received more than 1,100 entries for the Design competition which includes The Penguin Adult Prize and the Puffin Childrens Prize.

"I chose to design an abstract cover using simple shapes that I find appealing. 

“The eyes were puffy from lack of sleep and bloodshot from too much glassy staring at the television screen…” 

My design replicates CRT TV screen close up detail. This concept was based on the main character, Michael's depression, isolation and his obsessive TV watching." said Alex Golubovs

"This challenging brief asked for a cover design for Jonathan Coe's novel What a Carve Up and was chosen by Alex from a range of live and competition projects undertaken by our final year graphic design students; we are delighted that his entry has been shortlisted."

said Ian Madeley Senior Lecturer in Visual Communication

"Award schemes such as this provide students with access to a brief set by the Publishing Industry and a great opportunity for feedback from designers and illustrators at Penguin Random House."
For more information visit:

Friday, 23 May 2014

Just Have to Share - Flourish from Dana Tanamachi

FLOURISH from Dana Tanamachi on Vimeo.

This blog is a great fan of Dana Tanamachi and Just Has to Share Flourish her personal project, inspired by a trip to Japan combined with a thought provoking question posed at a conference.

“Because you have power, who in turn is flourishing?”

"One could easily replace “power” with other commodities such as time, skills, abilities, or resources. Every one of us possesses something that can be used for the flourishing of another. I think back to the friends (and even strangers) who gave me their time, their gifts, their words, or maybe just their ears when I needed them."
Dana Tanamachi

For more information on this wonderful project visit:

Thursday, 22 May 2014

Taiwan International Design Competition 2014

The Taiwan International Design Competition is now striding into its 13th year, and with its different themes set annually in response to global trends and changing circumstances in the social environment, it presents the perfect opportunity for designers around the globe to present their creative designs.

In addition to encouraging more imaginative and innovative creations, it also hopes to use current trends to inspire designers to engage in more profound philosophical and humanistic reflection. This will allow designers to not just be confined to an ’object’ itself, but to incorporate a return to life's subtleties of life in design concepts. 

Theme of this year is "

All things under the heavens are naturally in a state between movement and stillness. Movement and stillness are complementary energies, and energy circulates between the states of movement and stillness. If design follows the example of nature, then the will to live and the energy to adapt to the environment and society can be sought in movement.

While in stillness, the changes in all things can be observed, allowing one to catch a glimpse of the trends of the times and explore the balance between movement and stillness. This then, is a method of applying design. We can create numerous opportunities and surprises, engage imagination and creativity, conjure up the magic of objects, and unlock the potential to create infinite possibilities to reclaim the will to live.


Product Design
Packaging Design
Visual Communication Design
Digital Multimedia Design

Participants can join the competition as individuals or in team. There is no limit on the number of entries. Design drawings should be on no more than two A3 size (420X297mm) paper board(s) and should include text description. The description must be in English but may include some Chinese. Descriptions in both English and Chinese are limited to 50-100 words.
There is no entry fee.


Open to designers, teachers or students of design related fields, people who are interested in design. There is no restrictions on nationality and age.


Gold Award: NT$500,000 (approx. US$15,000), a trophy, and a certificate
Silver Award: NT$200,000 (approx. US$6,000), a trophy, and a certificate
Bronze Award: NT$100,000 (approx. US$3,000), a trophy, and a certificate
DIGITAL Award: NTD $50,000 (approx. USD $1,500) and a certificate
CPC Award (2 winners): NT$50,000 (approx. US$1,500) and a certificate 
Hands Tailung Award (2 winners): NT$50,000 (approx. US$1,500) and a certificate 
Honorable Mention: NT$10,000 (approx. US$300) and a certificate

The winners will be announced on the dedicated website and in international media.
For more information click here

Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Part Time Designer - Virgo Health, Surrey

Designer (part time) wanted @ Virgo Health in Richmond, Surrey

We are currently recruiting for a part time Designer to join our team. This role will be responsible for producing high quality client and internal documents including: event and media materials, infographics, marketing materials and formatting of PowerPoint and Keytnote presentations. The ideal candidate will have experience in a range of software and design packages including Adobe Suites (Indesign, Photoshop and Illustrator) and PowerPoint. Please email your CV to or call us on 020 8939 2460.

Visual Design Intern - Huge, London

Visual Design Interns at Huge assist the creative staff on a wide range of real projects—from site builds and redesigns to mobile apps and campaigns. Huge interns build real, quantifiable experiences while they’re here, and are expected to meet the standards of any Huge employee. They support and contribute to some of the biggest and most innovative digital projects online, work alongside other designers and are called upon to participate in every aspect of the process. Accordingly, the ability to collaborate, listen and incorporate other people’s ideas and feedback is essential. While they receive oversight from our visual designers, we expect our interns to come with the experience and the confidence in their own design skills to produce work that is up to par with the visually stunning work Huge is known for.

What we’d like to see:
• A solid understanding of design fundamentals. We want our interns to be able to dive into the work from day one—intermediate to advanced knowledge of the Adobe creative suite and knowledge of web trends are a must.

• Active collaboration skills. As a part of the team, we want our interns to be able to speak up and give input but also know when to listen.

• A great attitude and a desire to learn. Huge interns can get a tremendous amount out of their time here, and we look for people who are curious, enthusiastic, and eager to develop their skills and perspective.
Must have the right to work in the UK

Huge is an equal opportunity employer (EOE). We strongly support diversity in the workforce.
To apply click here

Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Ghost Signs Talk with Sam Roberts

Date: 21 May 2014
Time: 1730-1930

Fading on streets across the country are the remains of advertising painted by hand directly on to brickwork. Dating from the late 1800s, right through to the 1950s, these 'ghostsigns' speak from a time when Peterkin Custard, Black Cat Cigarettes and Daren Bread were all major brands available at the local shop. There are others that are more familiar today including Hovis, Nestle and Bovril, as well as myriad for sole traders and small independent firms. Interest in this evidence of advertising past has recently been fueled by the growth in digital and social media. In 2009 the History of Advertising Trust harnessed this momentum with a national initiative to create a free, searchable online archive documenting hundreds of examples from across the UK and Ireland. This archive was developed through the use of social media with more than 150 photographers contributing material ahead of the launch in 2010. The archive was conceived and curated by Sam Roberts, author of the Ghostsigns blog and a leading figure in global efforts to document and research painted signs fading on walls. In this talk he will share insights gleaned from the body of material gathered for the archive, as well as offering a general history of this form of advertising and some of the debates that surround these ghostsigns in the contemporary urban environment.

Sam Roberts is a photographer, writer and researcher with a passion for hand-painted signs. In 2010 he launched the History of Advertising Trust Ghostsigns Archive, a national photographic record of fading advertising painted on walls a.k.a. Ghostsigns. Two years in Cambodia followed, resulting in the publication of his first book, Hand-Painted Signs of Kratie, about the county’s characteristic street signage. Sam curates the Ghostsigns blog at and has written numerous articles and book contributions on the topic of hand-painted signs. He also maintains links with universities, professional institutes and societies through guest lectures and support for students incorporating ghostsigns into their work. Sam tweets @ghostsigns.

Venue: Room 424, The Parkside Building, Birmingham City University, 5 Cardigan Street, Birmingham B4 7BD


Monday, 12 May 2014



NOISE Festival 2014 gives the best undiscovered creative talent a platform to gain international recognition, an audience of millions and open up career opportunities.

An impressive line-up of top creative industry professionals handpick entries, across 14 categories covering film, fashion, fine art, music, photography, graphics, new media, games, product design, illustration, comedy / spoken word and enterprise. 

Open to all ages, entry is completely free, via your NOISE online e-Portfolios 

•Press exposure
•Events including exhibitions and collaborations with industry professionals.
•Paid placements with Curators or other leading creative companies.

•Create A Free Rider Noise account by selecting the create tab here
•Upload your best work to your NOISE Portfolio.
•Enter the work from your portfolio to the festival by clicking the big pink “Submit Your Work” button.
•Get recognised by the best in the business, media exposure and paid placements.

We believe that creative reward and success should be based on raw original talent; not on your connections, where you live or what level of education you have. NOISE Festivals have supported over 18,000 emerging artists and achieved an international audience of 800 million (2006-2012), with our partners that have included MTV, BBC, Microsoft andYamaha.

Making the NOISE Festival the place to have your talent spotted, loved and celebrated.

Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Just Have to Share - nearly 300 years before Pantone

Pantone colour reference was first published in the 1960's - 1963 to be precise but nearly 300 years prior to this date, in 1692 A. Boogert wrote and produced a book in Dutch about mixing watercolours.
Traité des couleurs servant à la peinture à l’eau, is nearly 800 pages in length and is likely to be the most comprehensive paint and colour guide of its time.

The book is kept at the Bibliothèque Méjanes in Aix-en-Provence, France.
You can view this work in high resolution here

Friday, 2 May 2014

Congratulations Marc and Ben

Senior Lecturers in Visual Communication Marc Austin and Ben Kelly are each recipients in this years Student Union Teaching Awards.
Ben has been awarded The Keynote Deputy Vice Chancellor Award for Outstanding Achievement and Marc Austin has been shortlisted too.

What makes these awards extra special is that they are awarded as a result of student nominations.

Many congratulations and well done Ben and Marc and also a big thank you to all students who made nominations

Thursday, 1 May 2014

Just have to Share - Comics Unmasked

Comics Unmasked At the British Library - Art and Anarchy in the UK. This exhibition traces the British comics tradition back through classic 1970s titles including 2000AD, Action and Misty to 19thcentury illustrated reports of Jack the Ripper and beyond. Featuring such iconic names as Neil Gaiman (Sandman), Alan Moore (Watchmen, V for Vendetta), Grant Morrison (Batman: Arkham Asylum) and Posy Simmonds (Tamara Drewe). 

2 May – 19 August 2014
Exhibition curators Adrian Edwards, John Harris Dunning and Paul Gravett introduce Comics Unmasked.

For more information click here

Poster For Tomorrow 2014 Competition

Poster for tomorrow announces its 6th annual call for entries for social communication poster designs. The project has been running its yearly contest since 2009 and this year’s topic is Work Right.

Work - either doing it or looking for it - is a fact of life. And in 2014, with much of the world still gripped by economic crisis and life expectancy increasing every year, more of us are looking for fewer jobs for more time. Yet this doesn't mean that the increasing demand for work should result in exploitation of workers. The right to work - and our right to work right - is a huge issue. It covers everybody with a job in the whole world - whether it’s legal or illegal - and that’s basically everybody. It covers people too young to work, people forced into work, people who can’t work, people who earn nothing and even people who earn lots of money if they’re not paid the right wage for their labour.

All of these people need to know their right to work without exploitation, discrimination or prejudice. And this is what we want you to help us broadcast this year.

An entry to the competition consists of a portrait format poster addressing the proposed creative brief. Posters may be designed by a single author or by a team. Designs submitted to the contest must be original artworks that are previously unpublished. The designs must consist entirely of the authors' own work and must not include any copyrighted material. Participants may submit up to 10 different posters. 

Designs must be presented in vertical format. Entries must be submitted as JPG files of 2953x4134 pixels at a resolution of 150dpi (corresponding to 50x70 cm in printed size) saved in RGB colour space.

There is no entry fee.


Open to designers and design students from all over the world.


Poster for tomorrow will reward the best 100 designs (as selected by the jury) by including them in the "Work Right!" exhibition, as part of an event called "a day for tomorrow", that will be held in a series of cities around the world on 10th December 2014 to celebrate the anniversary of the Declaration of Human Rights.

A book about the exhibition will be published. The selected participants are entitled to a copy of the book free of charge, but are asked to cover the postage costs at their own expense.

For more details click here