Monday, 17 April 2017

Sarah Hyndman - How to Draw Type and Influence People

Visual Communications Special Visiting Lecturer Sarah Hyndman, has written and illustrated an activity book that asks readers to bring typefaces to life through drawing, colouring and thinking. Published by Laurence King, How to Draw Type and Influence People encourages people to delve into the words they encounter subconsciously every day and think about how they might look, feel, smell and sound.

"I want to show that it is part of people’s everyday lives and it’s fun – it’s about the first record you fell in love with, the first sweet shop you went to as a child. Our written language is formed of letters that have taken on all sorts of shapes and styles over centuries. It is a visual code that is a mirror to our lives." 
said Sarah.

In partnership with Laurence King, Design Week are asking readers to take part in a competition to stand the chance of winning a free copy of Sarah's book. Design Week would like you to take part in the mash-up challenge by thinking of two typefaces with very different characteristics and personalities, and combining them to create a new, hand-drawn one that showcases the best – or worst – qualities of both. Email Design Week at with your mash-up creation, along with a name for your typeface by 19 April. They’ll pick their favourite one, showcase it on their site, and send the selected winner a free copy of How to Draw Type and Influence People.

To read more about Sarah's new book and for more inspiration for this competition click here