Wednesday, 12 December 2018

Ormiston SWB Academy enjoy image making workshops at Wolverhampton School of Art

Students from Ormiston SWB Academy have recently visited Wolverhampton School of Art.
Visitors met Maggie Ayliffe Head of Wolverhampton School and learnt about the heritage of arts education in Wolverhampton and importance of Wolverhampton Alumni to the creative sector.

King Church of England School Visit Wolverhampton School of Art

Sixth form students from Kings Church of England School have visited Wolverhampton School of Art. 
The group participated in image making workshops using the Schools print making facilities as well as enjoying an ideas stimulation class for fashion design. Students from Kings School also heard Head of Wolverhampton Art School, Maggie Ayliffe talk about the history of art education in Wolverhampton and how alumni from the Art School are forging rewarding careers in the creating sector.