Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Nathalie Goepel MA Digital and Visual Communications

"Imagine we are in the future" says Nathalie Goepel. "Parents now have the possibility to go online and design their own baby. They have the power to fulfil all their longings and desires for their future baby. This includes appearances like choosing the eye colour, skin co¬lour or whether they should have an Asian touch or rather look European. They can also decide on characteristics, talents and on the intelligence of their wanted offspring.
How would it be if we would be able to control such things? What if diseases, miscarriages and the sex of the child would no longer be an issue? What if we could design out difficulty in reproduction and choose from a desired set of qualities?
My Master's project: "design your child" gives an insight of how this illusion could be implemented and shows the variety of possible influences on human evolution." continues Nathalie
More information about the 2014 MA show can be found here

Monday, 29 September 2014

TYPE TALKS: Phil Baines

Type talks This academic year, hosted and arranged by the Typographic Hub, will begin on 9th October with Phil Baines.
Baines has worked as a freelance graphic designer since the 1980s. Among his clients have been Monotype, the Crafts Council, Matt’s Gallery London, and the Department of Culture, Media, & Sport. He has also written four books including Signs: lettering in the environment (with Catherine Dixon, Lawrence king 2003) and Penguin by design: a cover story 1935–2005 (Allen Lane the Penguin Press 2005). Since 1991 he has combined this work with teaching at Central Saint Martins where he is currently Professor of Typography. On Twitter as SarkyType.

His talk will focus on the the redesign and branding of Ditchling Museum of Art & Craft, which was opened in 1984 and in large part celebrated the lives of the artists and crafts people who made the village their home during the twentieth century. Significant among them from a lettering point of view were Edward Johnston, Eric Gill, David Jones and Joe Cribb. In 2007 the Trustees and Director took the decision to refocus the museum entirely on the art & craft community and obtained Heritage Lottery funding for a capital redevelopment project. The architects were Adam Richards Architects and the branding and graphic design were by Phil Baines. The museum reopened on 20 September 2013 and was shortlisted for the Artfund’s Museum of the Year Award 2014. The talk will outline the broader project, show examples of work from the collection, and describe the source and thinking behind the new branding which included a custom version of Gill Sans.

To find out more details or to book tickets click here

Christos Symeonides MA Digital and Visual Communications

Christos's Master's project focuses on film and video production. "I have never produced any work that relates to the production of a film and that’s the main reason why I've decided to use my MA studies as an opportunity to introduce myself to this field. My project is a short film called "The Blue Bin", that was written, shot, directed and edited by me on a very low budget. This project has helped me gain some basic knowledge concerning film production therefore I am glad that I made the decision to follow this path. I am sure that everything that I've learned throughout this year will definitely be helpful for me at some point in the future. I believe that having some basic knowledge around film and video production is an important additional characteristic for a graphic designer." says Christos

Find out more about the MA show here 

Jacqueline Carton MA Digital and Visual Communications

Jacqueline Carton has an interest in ecology, natural history, and relationships and patterns in nature. 

"The prevailing theme of my most recent work has been ethology, the study of animal behaviour.

Throughout the enquiry a strong underlying preoccupation has been to conjure the phenomenological experiences of a creature, to get into their mindset and portray the world as they might see, feel, smell it. To do this takes subjectivity and an understanding of the creature's umwelt- that is the specific "self-world" and environment of the organism.

My specialism is illustration and I have created a graphic novel for my final Master's project. It recounts the experiences of a lone rat who has been captured and placed on an island in order to record its behavioural patterns. Though embellished it is based on a true story. Combining naturalistic with fantastical elements I aim to make the audience feel submersed within the story." says Jacqueline

Find out more about the MA show here 

Friday, 26 September 2014

Timo Firtina and Vivien Stennulat MA Digital and Visual Communications

Together,Timo Firtina and Vivien Stennulat  create handmade personalised children’s books for children aged 8-12 years old. their personalisation process helps children to identify more closely with these books, thereby strengthening the educational value and reinforcing ownership.

"In our personalisation process you can choose from four character profiles with different qualities, which are based on four personality types. This guarantees that every child can identify with at least one character as himself.

For the book illustrations we redraw the child from a photo into an illustrated character. Therefore, every child finds himself in his own completely unique book. The stories involve the child taking part in various adventures while developing superpowers.

Our books represent unique and long-lasting gifts from friends and family while also supporting parents in the education process. We let children dive into their own personalised world of reading and enhance their imagination while they are learning skills for life." says Timo

Find out more about the MA show here 

Mareike Seefluth MA Digital and Visual Communications

In the pre-computer era, handwriting was of enormous importance. Mareike believes we have learned a huge amount about personality from the handwritten letters .

"The content and meaning of what we write is the most critical thing, but we lose something deeply personal and meaningful if we stop writing by hand. When a friend's parent dies, what can replace a handwritten condolence card? Surely not a condolence email?!

So I wanted to create an advertising campaign for analogue communication by using the outcomes of my two main projects (statement-selfies and collecting worldwide handwriting stuff projects) and some smaller projects. So the outcome depends on the co-operation of known and unknown people worldwide.

Eco design concepts currently have a great influence on many aspects of design. Eco materials such as the use of local recycled materials reduces the environmental costs of shipping, fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. So I will use certified paper (FSC), bio inks and a climate-neutral production fitting in with the latest standards of eco design." says Mareike

More information about the 2014 MA show can be found here

Rong Bao MA Digital and Visual Communications

Rong Bao came from China and has studied in Wolverhampton for almost one year.

"My main direction is 2D animation. During my time in the UK, I have experienced different cultures between the two countries. And the learning method has been totally different from Chinese universities. I have a lot of interest in Japanese Anime, so, in this year I have focused on the Chinese traditional elements in animations and Japanese cartoons and writing two papers about them.

My final work is a 2D animation made by FLASH. I want to use some similar colours to show a kind of sadness to audiences." says Rong Bao

Find out more about the MA show here 

Thursday, 25 September 2014

Neil Easton MA Digital and Visual Communications

"With the undertaking of my MA illustration project, "Transhumanism" was the emotive subject that caught my imagination. The transhumanist idea that through advances in science and technology, mankind will escape the weaknesses of their human form, prone to sickness, damage, ageing and eventually death. The aim to extend life with the ultimate goal of eternal life.

The object of this MA project is for the illustrations to provoke the viewer to ask themselves questions such as; how would a supposed necessity of physical and intellectual enhancement be cultivated and sold to the public? Is this something new to come upon man or the repeat of an ancient deception repackaged for today as the next step to be taken in the human evolutionary journey? What could be the resulting physical and spiritual consequences of genetically altering creation, both man and beast. Therefore radically redesigning what it even means to be human?" says Neil 

More information about the 2014 MA show can be found here

Lesi Ai - MA Digital and Visual Communications

Lesi Ai's project visually depicts experience of daily life in the UK as a Chinese student. "The drawings draw on my cultural experience from a Chinese perspective but are intended to be a visual translation of my emotional responses to a new culture here in the UK. The illustrations are intended for both a Chinese and British audience to highlight cultural differences and similarities." says Lesi

Find out more about the MA show here 

Wednesday, 24 September 2014

MA Digital and Visual Communications Degree Show 2014

The School of Creative Arts & Design MA Show, including the work of MA Digital and Visual Communications students  is to take place at Wolverhampton Art Gallery The event showcases the work of over 60 graduating Master’s students together with the work of some of the universities PhD students and Artists in Residence. 
Exhibition includes:
MA Digital and Visual Communications
MA Design and Applied Arts
MA Fine Art
PhD students

Visiting times:
Monday 6 October to Saturday 11 October
10am – 5pm daily.

Congratulations to all MA Digital and Visual Communications students preparing to stage the show

Tuesday, 23 September 2014

The culture of seduction

Jeff Leak was invited to contribute a poster for the 2nd International Conference & Exhibition on Semiotics and Visual Communication. With his design he attempted to address the altered nature of our consumer-driven culture - ‘I want it, and I want it now’. The design ironically presumes that you can buy happiness.
Vivid use of dot screens and pixellation and the vernacular imagery of online shopping is combined in the large format poster.
You can see the poster and read more about it here

Adam Pearson - Graduate Success

For Visual Communication graduate Adam Pearson, the prize giving came with an added surprise. Adam said he was pleased to have received the The Express & Star Award for Digital Editorial Design in Graphic Communication.

"To be honest I wasn't expecting it," he said.

One of the projects he completed during his degree was taking something that wasn't enjoyable to read, and laying it out in a way that people would find visually appealing and want to read.

Looking at typography, context, layout, and highlighting the most important bits so people didn't have to 'trawl through pages and pages', Mr Pearson redesigned a set of terms and conditions.

Starting out at Staffordshire University, he had changed to the University of Wolverhampton for his degree, and meeting new people had been one of the highlights of his student years.

Read the full story in the Express and Star Online here

Congratulations Adam

Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Graphic Designer - PYC Group Ltd, Meifod, Powys

We are located in beautiful rural Mid Wales and have several rapidly growing companies, including a fast paced start up. We are looking for a Designer from graduate level up to three years’ experience, for creative input within the PYC Group on a wide range of projects.

PYC Group is involved in Passive House construction and insulation, sustainable housing and also has a recording studio and film making business producing exceptional work for a diverse range of clients.

We are looking for a passionate individual to join our team and the ideal candidate will have natural creative flair, good technical ability and organisational skills and be adept across a range of creative disciplines from print, web/digital, branding and corporate identity to promotional and exhibition materials.

We can offer commercial experience in a number of exciting sectors and are looking for someone who is able to manage multiple tasks, with the confidence to deliver projects from concept through to final artwork.

Candidate Specification:
• A Degree or HND in relevant creative studies.
• A high level of creative and conceptual ability.
• Design skills across both print and digital disciplines.
• Deliver consistently high-quality visual concepts through to print ready artwork.
• Must work well under pressure, both individually or as part of a larger team.
• Adaptability to work in different business sectors – construction, media

How to ApplyTo apply for this role please email your CV and relevant portfolio, in PDF format to:charlie@pycsystems.co.uk

No freelancers or recruitment agencies please.

Designers - Modern Designers, Manchester

We are looking for a new designer with a minimum of two years commercial experience (more welcome) to join our Manchester-based team.

Must have:
• A creative approach to solving design challenges
• Strong typography and layout skills
• High levels of accuracy and attention to detail
• Excellent communication skills

Must be:
• Highly organised
• Motivated

How to Apply Email CV and PDF portfolio to info@moderndesigners.co.uk

Design Intern - One Big Company, Clerkenwell

One Big Company is a small, full-service design agency who deal in big ideas.

We’re offering a paid internship (£110pw) for up to three months to a talented graphic designer who’ll bring bags of enthusiasm, common sense and a good knowledge of Adobe Creative Suite.

A decent sense of humour is a must along with a willingness to drink beer from 4pm on a Friday - don’t worry, we’re buying!

If you think you fit the bill send a PDF of samples of your work and an email telling us what your super power would be and why to: jobs@onebigemail.com

Closing date for applications Tuesday 30th September with the internship beginning on or around Monday 13th October

See what we do here - www.onebigwebsite.com

Professor Puzzle Ltd - Graphic Design Intern, London

Intern required for our rapidly growing creative team in Shepperton, SW London.

To support work on designs for all of the major high street stores in UK, US and Europe as well as our own brands.
Professor Puzzle is the world’s leading supplier of puzzles and brainteasers. We sell games and puzzles to every major store in the UK. The successful candidate will be expected to help with all aspects of our creative and design side.
• Create stunning visual designs, primarily packaging.
• Involvement in all aspects of the product design process.
• Liaise with external contacts to organise the production of designed material.
• Aiding in the production of packing mockups.
• Making artwork alterations in preparation for print.
Skills and qualifications required:
• 2013/2014 graduate with a relevant degree based in Graphic Design.
• Proficient knowledge of Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, In-Design, After Effects and Premiere Pro.
• Strong skills in the practices of typography, colour, and layout.
• Understanding time management and consideration of budgets.
• Meticulous attention to detail, can work to deadlines and be extremely well organized.
• Good communication and ability to interpret briefs quickly.
• Ability to work as part of a team as well as drive individual projects.
• The ideal candidate will be looking to gain experience in design focused gifting products.
3 Month Contract
£250 per week
Please email your CV and cover letter along with some examples of relevant work to Elliot Humphries - elliot@professorpuzzle.com - with ‘Internship 2014’ as the subject.

Junior Designer & Online Marketing Assistant - Inception Group

Inception Group In-House Junior Designer & Online Marketing Assistant www.inception-group.com
The candidate will need to be bright, imaginative, and a capable designer with strong communication skills. Supervised by the Design Manager on all projects over all venues they will produce graphics for both web and print. Projects will include promotional flyers, event invitations, website content, social media graphics, menus, stationery and any other necessary branding for all venues.

Supervised by the Group Creative Brand Manager on all aspects of online marketing: mailouts, various forms of social media, social listening, 3rd party review site management, content generation.

With the fast growing nature of the company, this position has great room for growth, with the option to specialise further in design or online marketing.

Status: Full Time | Pay: £20k to 28k depending on experience | Location: London 

Find out more here

Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Graduate success

Recent graduates with employment news have been intouch

Christy Guan has recently become a Junior Graphic Designer at Washington Green Fine Art

Sarah Collins is now a Graphic Designer at Devmac.

Harriet Leith is undertaking a graphic design internship in the Marketing & Communications Department of The University of Wolverhampton

Good luck in your new roles

Monday, 15 September 2014

Graduation September 2014

Graduation this year has been a memorable event, students, their families and friends gathered at the Grand Theatre for presentations and celebrations. 

For the first time the Student Union speech was given by a Visual Communication graduate, Hannah Cooper who is an SU Vice president this year. 

Congratulations to all who graduated.

Many thanks to Katie Fletcher, Laura Rose Ford, Adam Pearson and Dr Louise Fenton for sharing their photographs

Monday, 8 September 2014

Visual Communication Awards 2014

Congratulations to this years Visual Communication award winners. Prizes will be presented during the graduation ceremony at The Grand Theatre Wolverhampton On Wednesday 10 September.

Paul Herron 
The Canon Illustration Prize Awarded for the most innovative student work in Illustration

Jia Qi (Christy) Guan 
The Cumberland Pencil Company Award for Visualising

Craig Hancock 
West Midlands Fire Service Prize Awarded for Best Live Projects with Social Impact

Harriet Leith 
The Sheaffer Prize for Outstanding Work on Live Commissions in Graphic Communications

Abigail Irwin 
The Sheaffer Prize for Use of Language in Graphic Projects

Kyle Visser 
The RotoVision Award for Excellence in Design for Screen

Sian Pryce 
The RotoVision Award for Excellence in Branding

Aleksandrs Golubovs 
The RotoVision Award for Excellence in Typography

Adam Pearson 
The Express & Star Award Awarded for Best Digital Editorial Design in Graphic Communication

Sarah Collins 
The Visual Communications Department Prize Award for Excellence in Visual Communications

Aleksandrs Golubovs 
Daler-Rowney Prize for Excellence in Graphic Communication An annual prize awarded by Daler Rowney Ltd

Congratulations to all Visual Communication graduates 2014

This year the Faculty of Arts Graduation ceremonies will be taking place at the Grand Theatre Wolverhampton on Wednesday 10th September. 

Congratulations to all Visual Communications graduates taking part.

Friday, 5 September 2014

Visual Communication Success in Student Union Elections

Congratulations to Hannah Cooper, Visual Communication graduate from 2014 as she takes up her new role within the Student Union as Academic Vice President - best wishes for your year in office Hannah.

Members of the Students’ Union team: Gemma Carroll (Welfare VP), Hannah Cooper (Academic VP) and Kulmiye Tifow (Student Experience VP).

Thursday, 4 September 2014

"My name is Oded Ezer and I am a 'Typoholic'"

"My name is Oded Ezer and I am a 'Typoholic'" Find out more about Oded Ezer's innovative approach to typography by listening to Design Matters with Debbie Millman. In this interview from April 2014 hear Oded Ezer, graphic artist and typographer in Tel Aviv, who is best known for his typographic design fiction projects (such as Biotypography, Typosperma, Typoplastic Surgeries and, more recently, for his series of eight typographic videos for the V&A), his design for the New American Haggadah and SkypeType poster, and for his ongoing contribution to Hebrew type design.

To here this interview Visit Design Observer here or download  the podcast from iTunes here

Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Just have to Share - Information is Beautiful

David McCandless is a London-based author, writer and designer. He has a passion for visualizing information – facts, data, ideas, subjects, issues, statistics, questions – all with the minimum of words.

He is interested in how designed information can help us understand the world and reveal the hidden connections, patterns and stories underneath.

His site, 'Information is Beautiful' is dedicated to distilling the world’s data, information and knowledge into beautiful, interesting and, above all, useful visualizations, infographics and diagrams.