Monday, 29 September 2014

Jacqueline Carton MA Digital and Visual Communications

Jacqueline Carton has an interest in ecology, natural history, and relationships and patterns in nature. 

"The prevailing theme of my most recent work has been ethology, the study of animal behaviour.

Throughout the enquiry a strong underlying preoccupation has been to conjure the phenomenological experiences of a creature, to get into their mindset and portray the world as they might see, feel, smell it. To do this takes subjectivity and an understanding of the creature's umwelt- that is the specific "self-world" and environment of the organism.

My specialism is illustration and I have created a graphic novel for my final Master's project. It recounts the experiences of a lone rat who has been captured and placed on an island in order to record its behavioural patterns. Though embellished it is based on a true story. Combining naturalistic with fantastical elements I aim to make the audience feel submersed within the story." says Jacqueline

Find out more about the MA show here 

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