Friday, 30 September 2016

Christian Kunsch - MA Show

There are several Vineta (a mythical city at the southern coast of the Baltic Sea) myths: the Vinetans (who led an excessive, voluptuous and even blasphemous way of life) were punished for their behaviour by a flood. 
In some variants of the myth, the city reappears on certain days or can be seen from a boat, to serve as a warning to others. In the small town of Barth at the Baltic Sea there is a retailer called ‘Vinetaperlen’ translated as ‘Pearls of Vineta’, which produces handmade jewellery out of glass modelled after the myth. By analysing and redesigning the whole corporate identity this shop can come to be known in other parts of Germany and even overseas. By adapting a new website the shop will have a modern look integrated with the value of the ancient myth.

Dennis Kopp - MA Show

In today’s society we often oversee things because we just look at them fleetingly, for a couple of seconds before we move on. By doing this we miss out on a lot of things that aren't noticeable at the first look. Things aren't always as they seem and my Master’s project tackles this problem. 
Music is a big part of my life and sometimes the meaning of certain songs have a different message than the lyrics suggest. I'll create imagery around song lyrics that say one thing, but have a hidden meaning behind them. To combine this with the aforementioned problem I will use 'negative space art'. The main object being that people will see what the lyrics say, but then hidden within the negative space of that object will be the actual meaning of the song and the message that the author wanted to bring across.

Clemens Kammenhuber - MA Show

Nowadays there are stoves which are operated by a little magnetic device: Once you put the magnet onto the stove, the power turns on and the magnetic device can be adjusted to set the temperature. The idea popped to my head – that this technology could be used for personal computers as well.

What if the hardware would be on that magnet and the screen is simply a touchscreen that connects with the magnet when it is placed on the screen? Not only is the hardware and personal software on the magnet but it can function as an operating device as well. This opens a new world of gestures and interactions. Potential users are more likely to be able to afford screens like these, since they do not include hard and software. Such devices need a new form of interface design and it is this that will be the focus of my Master’s project.

Thursday, 29 September 2016

Tobias Hartl - MA Show

Shelter is one of the fundamental needs of human beings, no matter what religious, cultural or ethnic origin. Housing space does not only satisfy humans’ need of safety and protection but is also a status symbol. 
The quality of living particularly depends on geographical, cultural and social political situations, and different standards are given to evaluate the quality of living. At the moment, 60 million people are fleeing from their home and a huge number of refugees are seeking for protection in my home country, Germany. It cannot be denied that living conditions definitely influence the integration of refugees in German society which is essential for a peaceful coexistence. Therefore and because of my interest in the photography of architecture I decided to create a photo series of black and white photographs of different refugees’ accommodation in Germany, concentrating on atmosphere and expression rather than a documentary or realistic approach.

Craig Hancock - MA Show

My initial area of study began looking at anti-consumerism and the anti-advertising movements; this led me onto such movements as the dĂ©tournment technique along with the Situationists. I then researched what exactly caused this consumer culture we currently live in. This led me onto the protestant neo-liberalist background, which I think currently exists – this greatly interested me and linked with the idea of what is not for sale. 

It seems that most things are for sale, or at least can be consumed, including things that are intangible. These intangible assets are what interested me and made me delve deeper into the process of what is meant by such assets as ‘being guilt free’ and the notion of happiness. Some of these values have their basis in Christianity and I wondered how these values can be sold to us, and indeed, if they can be spread to the masses.

Isabelle Hallemeier - MA Show

Due to my research about narratives, story-telling methods and comics I plan to create a comic. With this project I want to combine my research regarding narratives and comics. 
The comic will entertain by using different story-telling methods. The most important element is the non-linear story. Other elements are the stylised use of colours for special situations, handling of the reader’s knowledge and expectations, character development and alternative layout ideas. Because of the non-linear story the comic will be split in three parts. The illustrations will be made manually with markers on paper, the colouring and layout will be made digitally. The comic will be a printed product. For time reasons the comic will be a dummy book in which only short sequences are fully finished with details but the whole comic is necessary to show how the non-linear story, the colouration and other elements are used and work over time.

Cherie Elody - MA Show

My project centres on the psychology behind escapism and identity, which I’ve visualised in images and sculpture and explored contextually in a dissertation that analyses escapism through animation. 
I have discovered some interesting links between how identity is formed and why we engage in escapism as part of contemporary culture. I came to the conclusion that our chosen forms of escapism become a type of self-expression and that they provide a psychologically beneficial way for us to add meaning and value to our lives. There’s also a connection to the idea that our sense of self holds more significance than the perception of others and how we are defined by society, as escapism can allow us to cement self-imposed ideas of our identity and individuality. The practical element of my work comprises figurative and character-based art pieces that represent different aspects of the ideas I have explored. 

Murat Ari - MA Show

My Master’s project is about the pictures and texts from the photographer Christina Papadopoulou. 
I am creating a book for her and her exhibition for this winter in Berlin and next year in New York. Christina is a passionate person who is guided by instincts and emotions. She is not a fan of rules. Christina photographs moments, her goals and visions appear tangible and boundless. From showmanship or unknown people – set artistically and in clear order – to her destination on truth: photographs with the background aimed to express something. She is a life-affirming human being but has also at times struggled, finding her life meaningless. She draws from her own experiences from life or she maintains what she sees to make it visible. Her source of inspiration is her thoughts and feelings.

Wednesday, 28 September 2016

MA Show 2016

Visual Communication students will be showcasing their work at Wolverhampton Art Gallery - putting on a master display of talent. 32 students studying for Master’s degrees in Digital and Visual Communication as well as others completing Masters in Fine Art and Applied Arts plus the University’s artists in residence – will be exhibiting work from Saturday 1st October until Monday 10th October. The show is free and open to anyone.

The diverse show, which offers a wide range of creative work from local, national and international students, covers painting, sculpture, glass, ceramics, installations, graphics, photography, illustration, audio-visual and multi-media.

For more information visit here

Huanhuan Tan - MA Show

Some people think that the relationship between tradition and modernity are opposites and not compatible and traditional culture has been replaced by modern life. But I think they can coexist, there can be a harmonious relationship. Traditional culture promotes modern life, and modern life influences traditional culture. 
The theme of my work is harmony between the traditional and the modern. I use two different ways to design: namely embroidery and a visual diary. They are all in order to highlight my point of view that traditional culture and modern life are compatible. In the first work, I combine the symbols of ancient gods and superhero. In my second work I use the photo of Big Ben, the nickname of the clock in the Palace of Westminster. It is a classic building, but it also a modern clock and time is always moving forward. From my view, I think this conveys harmony.

Nicola Nitsche - MA Show

In today’s supermarkets the customer is forced to buy food packed in several plastic packages and a given quantity. 

This makes it difficult for many people to buy food according to their needs. My MA topic is to develop a supermarket concept which gives the customer the choice. Without bulk shopping or packages, the customer is able to tailor their needs by buying the quantities they need thereby promoting less food wastage as well as rethinking packaging. This is an ideal solution in a diverse marketplace that consists of different groups from individuals, to couples, to other configurations of family and kinship.

Not To Be Missed - Peter Kennard, Off Message

Peter Kennard is widely regarded as Britain’s most important political artists. With a practice spanning almost fifty years, his distinctive photomontages have been published extensively in newspapers and magazines, and deployed on placards and banners by activist groups and organisations throughout the UK. 

His images for the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament (CND), including Broken Missile, are among his best known, while collaborations with other artists including Cat Phillipps and Banksy reflect a persisting relevance and currency in his work. 

Off Message is a retrospective exhibition at MAC Birmingham, bringing together a collection of the artist’s work made between 1968 and 2016. The show runs from 24th September - 27 November, 11.00am- 6.00pm and admission is free.

For more details look here

Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Graduate Reflections

Lisa Wilson, recent graduate and winner of the Sheaffer Prize for Use of Language in Graphic Projects and the Daler Rowney Prize has been reflecting on her time as a student within the Visual Communication division:

Now that graduation is over I just wanted to say a huge, heartfelt 'thank you' for making my time at the University such a memorable and worthy one.

I've loved everything about the course (even Paul's singing) and have relished the chance to learn and explore some wonderful new skills that I'll use throughout my future career, wherever that leads!

I can only sing the praises of all the staff who've helped and supported me along the way.

Thank you for your kind words Lisa

Monday, 26 September 2016

Student Success - Made in The Middle for Craftspace Touring

The new Made in The Middle site for Craftspace Touring, based on designs by second year student Jeavan Tagger is now live and attracting much attention. The background to this live project can be found here and a link to the new site here. A big thank you to all students who participated in this live brief.

“We were delighted to be invited to work with Craftspace Touring on this website. Second year students on the Graphic Design course were asked to create a set of design proposals and working prototypes of their ideas for the site to include navigation,site maps and visual considerations. The students also worked alongside Visual Communication alumni and professional web designer Tom Mayman to realise the design making it what you see now. I’d like to express my thanks for the patience and confidence shown in our students by the Craftspace team. It was a fantastic opportunity and an absolute pleasure to work for and alongside fellow artists." Jeff Leak - Senior Lecturer in Visual Communication

Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Congratulations Graduates

Today has marked the culmination of three years hard work when Visual Communications class of 2016 graduated at the Grand Theatre Wolverhampton. Graduates, friends, family and guests gathered to celebrate the occasion and enthusiastically applaud all participants.

This year's special graduation awards were presented by Daler-Rowney, the Express and Star Newspaper, Sheaffer and the Cumberland Pencil Company. Rachel Smallman of Smallman Media, representing Sheaffer and the Cumberland Pencil Company was delighted to help award winners celebrate their success.

Marie Muzhuzha Recipient of The Sheaffer Prize for Outstanding Work on Live Commissions in Graphic Communications. Marie is pictured with Jessica Glaser, Senior Lecturer in Visual Communication.

Tom Crump Recipient of The Cumberland Pencil Company Award for Visualising.

Lisa Wilson Recipient of The Sheaffer Prize for Use of Language in Graphic Projects and Daler-Rowney Prize for Excellence in Graphic Communication. Lisa is pictured with Rachel Smallman of Smallman Media.

Congratulations to all new graduates and best wishes for the future from all Visual communication Staff

Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Graduate Success - Andreas Olymbios

Andreas Olympias is a Visual Communications graduate who has achieved an honours degree at the University of Wolverhampton and a Masters degree too.

Andreas is now working as a designer for the Football Association

"Since January 2015 I’m working as a graphic designer for The Football Association (Wembley Stadium London) working with some of the most talented individuals in the industry. Being part of The FA’s design studio gives me the opportunity to work on highly exposed projects for England national football team and The FA Cup (the oldest football tournament in the world) as well as all the other events and competitions supported by The FA and Wembley Stadium."

One of Andreas latest briefs is to create a logo appropriate for the FA's female talent pathway.

"My idea was to merge two geometric shapes in a dynamic way to reflect female football. The two selected shapes were the pyramid-triangle that represents the development diagram of England Girls Talent Pathway, and the circular football which is the sport's most easily recognizable icon."

To see more examples of Andreas design visit his Behance site here 

Friday, 2 September 2016

Visual Communication Awards 2016

The 2016 Visual Communication award winners have just been confirmed. During the graduation ceremony at The Grand Theatre in Wolverhampton prizes will be presented to:

Tom Crump
The Cumberland Pencil Company Award for Visualising

Marie Muzhuzha 
The Sheaffer Prize for Outstanding Work on Live Commissions in Graphic Communications

Lisa Wilson
The Sheaffer Prize for Use of Language in Graphic Projects

Ryan Mallen 
The Express & Star Award Awarded for Best Digital Editorial Design in Graphic Communication

David Bains
The Visual Communications Department Prize Award for Excellence in Visual Communications

Lisa Wilson 
Daler-Rowney Prize for Excellence in Graphic Communication An annual prize awarded by Daler Rowney Ltd

Congratulations to all of this years hard working and talented Visual Communication graduates and award winners. Many thanks must also go the generous sponsors of this years awards: Sheaffer, Daler-Rowney, The Express and Star and The Cumberland Pencil Company.