Wednesday, 12 December 2018

Ormiston SWB Academy enjoy image making workshops at Wolverhampton School of Art

Students from Ormiston SWB Academy have recently visited Wolverhampton School of Art.
Visitors met Maggie Ayliffe Head of Wolverhampton School and learnt about the heritage of arts education in Wolverhampton and importance of Wolverhampton Alumni to the creative sector.

King Church of England School Visit Wolverhampton School of Art

Sixth form students from Kings Church of England School have visited Wolverhampton School of Art. 
The group participated in image making workshops using the Schools print making facilities as well as enjoying an ideas stimulation class for fashion design. Students from Kings School also heard Head of Wolverhampton Art School, Maggie Ayliffe talk about the history of art education in Wolverhampton and how alumni from the Art School are forging rewarding careers in the creating sector.

Wednesday, 28 November 2018

Sheaffer donates collection of books to University library

A collection of inspirational books has been donated to the University of Wolverhampton by Cross Sheaffer Pen & Art Supply Company.

Cross Sheaffer is a designer and manufacturer of writing instruments and creative tools. It has sponsored Faculty of Arts Visual Communication students over the past five years, helping to support them with research projects and materials.

The books, which have all been shortlisted for the ‘Cross Sports Book of the Year Award’ are all written by key sports figures, personalities and celebrities covering a range of disciplines including rugby, football, cricket, ice-skating and athletics. Some are signed by the authors.

Jessica Glaser, Senior Lecturer in Graphic Design at the University, said: “Sheaffer has worked with the Wolverhampton School of Art for several years, supporting students and offering prize awards for our graduates.

“The messages in the books are both aspirational and inspirational, detailing personal journeys covering success and ambition which will be of interest, in particular, to our students.

“We hope that the collection will be enjoyed by everyone who visits the Harrison Library at City Campus in Wolverhampton.”

Maggie Ayliffe, Head of the University of Wolverhampton School of Art, said: “We work with a number of businesses and employers to offer students additional support, whether that be through graduation prizes or through work placements, live projects or visiting lectures.

“Cross Sheaffer has been a valued supporter of the School of Art for a number of years and this very kind book donation is very much appreciated.”

The donated books include the autobiography, ‘Proud’ by British Lions rugby player, Gareth Thomas which tells his story as the world’s most prominent athlete to come out as a gay man. The collection also includes Fear Less – the amazing underdog story of Leicester City by Jonathan Northcroft.

Saturday, 24 November 2018

Norton Canes School Visits University of Wolverhampton School of Art

Students from Norton Canes School have made a return visit to Wolverhampton School Of Art.

"The visit has certainly given students food for thought and has made them realise a little more, the possibilities in Arts based education in the future. Hopefully planting the seed for aspiration" said Alexina Evans, Head of Art at Norton Canes. "My students really enjoyed the day" she continued "and have told me that it was 'It was the best trip ever,' 'this has been an amazing day,' 'I think I could come here, as I really loved what we did.'

Sandwell College Students Image Making in the School of Art

Students from Sandwell College have visited the University of Wolverhampton School of Art to work with academics on image making projects.

"The visit has shown students what great study options in the creative industries are available on their doorsteps, in the Midlands" said Terry Baker, Tutor from Sandwell College. "The day also provided invaluable insights into careers they could go into by introducing them to case studies of School of Art Alumni now working in the creative industries" he continued.

Wednesday, 14 November 2018

Heath Park School - a Taste of University Life

Sixth form students from Heath Park School have visited the University of Wolverhampton to experience a taste of life in Wolverhampton School of Art.

"We are keen to support our students interests and ambition in art and design and bringing a group to sample the facilities and atmosphere of the University and the Art School is really beneficial" said Jessica Kendrick, Art Teacher at Heath Park School. "Our students really enjoyed image making through print making, fashion design and photographic portraiture" she continued.

Tuesday, 6 November 2018

Moseley Park School - image making workshops at Wolverhampton School Art

Staff and students from Moseley Park School have made a return visit to Wolverhampton School of Art for image making workshops.

"The more Moseley Park students can experience university, the more informed choices they can make about studying art and design at degree level" said Emma Chalstrey, Head of Art at Moseley Park School. "It gives them confidence that they could apply to university as a way to rewarding careers in the arts. After our visit last year, a number of our students applied to Wolverhampton School of Art and are now enjoying their studies at the University."

Friday, 19 October 2018

Image making with students from Halesowen College

Students from Halesowen College have been working in the print rooms of Wolverhampton School of Art. With the support of Andy Roberts and John Clementson the group produced a range of 3 colour screen prints on the theme of jazz. Working with Simon Harris, students had their first experience of making single colour, intaglio prints using the impressive heritage presses dating from the original Wolverhampton School of Art.

Capturing the Life of the Art School

One of our final year Illustration students has embarked on a reportage project, documenting the School of Art throughout the academic year.
Nicholas Sims creates large scale drawings on site, capturing the essence of everyday activity at the School of Art. This body of work will be exhibited at the Degree show and Artsfest in June 2019.

Wednesday, 17 October 2018

Dudley College students visit Wolverhampton School of Art

"Studying at Wolverhampton School of Art is aspirational" 
said Gillian Townsend, tutor from Dudley College, after her students visited the The University of Wolverhampton and experienced workshops focussing on  different types of image making through screen printing, drawing, photography and via working in three dimensions on designs for fashion.

"Being able to experience the potential of so many art and design disciplines, in a purpose built art school, in the heart of the Midlands, is an opportunity not to be missed" she continued.

Within their introduction to life at the University of Wolverhampton, Dudley College students also listened to head of School, Maggie Ayliffe speak about the heritage of the Art School and visited the School of Art's new 'Gallery Cafe.'

Monday, 8 October 2018

Bournville College students visit Wolverhampton School of Art

The first visiting college group to come to Wolverhampton School of Art this term were staff and students from Bournville College, who enjoyed an experience day on October 3. 

The day began with a presentation showcasing the history and facilities of the Art School, followed by discussions on the employment achievements of Wolverhampton Art School graduates. Bournville students went on to lunch in the University refectory as well as an afternoon of creative workshops.

Wednesday, 19 September 2018

2018 Graduation

The 2018 graduation ceremony celebrating the achievements of Visual Communication students took place on Monday 17th September. Graduates, friends and family members gathered at the Grand Theatre, Wolverhampton for an emotional ceremony marking the culmination of three years achievement and hard work.

Congratulations to all graduates

During the ceremony Howard Jacobson, 2010 winner of the Man Booker Prize, received an Honorary Doctor Arts from the University of Wolverhampton

The award was presented in recognition of his contribution to the literary world over a number of years and in particular his success in winning the Man Booker Prize.

The author and broadcaster, who worked at Wolverhampton Polytechnic in the 1970s, received the award during a graduation ceremony on Monday, 17 September 2018.

He said: “I am both delighted and touched by this award. I co-wrote and published my first work of non-fiction while I was teaching at Wolverhampton (then a Polytechnic) and wrote my first novel here. So I feel I have come back to where it all started.”

Howard Jacobson is a novelist, critic, columnist and broadcaster. Born in Manchester in 1942, he studied English under FR Leavis at Downing College, Cambridge before going on to lecture in English Literature at Sydney University. Returning to England, he taught at Selwyn College, Cambridge. From 1974 to 1981 he was Senior Lecturer at Wolverhampton Polytechnic.

For more information on Howard Jacobson visit here


My experience at the University of Wolverhampton was honestly life changing… it has completely transformed me into someone who is ambitious and driven.”

Sam Chambers graduated with a First Class degree in Graphic Design and is also the recipient of The Sheaffer Prize for Use of Language in Graphic Projects. He is now drawing up plans for a career in the industry.

Sam was always interested in art and wanted to study graphics because of the variety of fields on offer and the opportunity to explore different avenues of creativity.

He said: “The variety on offer under one roof at the University was appealing and the lecturers were clearly passionate about what they do. They gave outstanding support and guidance, making the process a lot easier.

“I really enjoyed working on live projects during my time at the University, getting the opportunity to practice projection design – projecting graphics on buildings in Wolverhampton. I also took part in an organ donation competition where I met the Mayor of Wolverhampton.”

Sam’s aim is to expand into the world of media, focusing on motion graphics and graphics for TV shows, films, conferences and digital media.

He added: “Overall, my experience at the University was honestly life changing. I came in as an unsure, relatively unconfident individual and it has completely transformed me into someone who is ambitious and driven.

“Mainly by gently pushing me outside of my comfort zone and giving me constant support and advice, my lecturers were amazing. And that would be my advice to graduates – you’ll learn so much and gain so many new skills if you put in the time and the rewards are worth it.”

Sam is now working as a Junior Live Graphic Designer and Operator at DRP Group.

Wednesday, 12 September 2018

Lena Wurthmann - MA Show 2018

Graphic Novel about the experience of a refugee

My Masters Project is a Graphic Novel that tells the story of a young, Afghan refugee and the things that occur on his flight to Germany. The depicted incidents that happen during the journey are based partly on a personal interview, and partly on a study about the experience of flight, whereby results are based on 123 qualitative interviews. I unified these elements into a fictional story that is based on true incidents. The subjective experience of flight is at the centre of my Graphic Novel, but there are also information pages about the refugee crisis as a phenomenon of the mass immigration to Europe and the history and meaning of the right to asylum.

Entry to the MA show is free and more information can be found at

Carolin Windel - MA Show 2018

Beauty of Diversity

My research has explored the meanings and definitions of identity and beauty. What does it mean to be beautiful today? How do you learn to feel beautiful and why is it that outer beauty has such a huge significance and value for us? People, particularly of our generation, have tremendous problems with finding their own beauty and often feel compelled to adapt to certain standards. Western society provides many norms and rules. Society impacts how we view, respond, and react to every experience. How can we find a true self (an identity) in a society that has little tolerance for diversity? This project is about people who are affected by society’s stiff standards and stereotypes in relation to Sexuality, Gender & Race. With my Portraits I want to demonstrate different definitions of beauty away from the conventional standard. I want to celebrate the beauty of diversity and make people rethink their biases.

Entry to the MA show is free and more information can be found at

Joseph Williamson - MA Show 2018

Questioning my previous illustration practice, I came to the conclusion that the ‘had-rendered aesthetic’ - which has become ubiquitous within food packaging and advertising, reminds us of times when attitudes were optimistic and less complicated by choice, technology, and the shortcomings of consumer culture. I seek to create work incorporating digital art with infographics and elements of graphic design. Making use of psychedelic colour schemes, I aim to subvert the way food and consumer choice are presented through advertising, as a means of exposing the artifice and superficiality of lifestyle. Addressing the class implications of healthy organic raw lifestyles, I hope to highlight the fact that these are being promoted from a position of privilege whilst other people are living below the breadline.

Entry to the MA show is free and more information can be found at

Liam Wesson - MA Show 2018

50 Years of Gay Men

This project looks at the way in which societies opinions have changed since the part decriminalisation of male homosexuality in 1967. It delves deeper into the issues surrounding LGBT people, and the difficulties that many in smaller communities and different cultures around the UK face, as well as those in sport such as football; and although the law has changed in a positive way, the project also asks whether society has changed with it? The project aims to tell stories in a compelling way using photography, video, and sound.

Entry to the MA show is free and more information can be found at

Nijie Tu - MA Show 2018

After nearly a year of studying in the UK, I was exposed to a lot of western art styles and I discovered that these art styles are very different from China, both in painting and design. My work seeks to use Western Art Styles to depict and display elements of traditional Chinese culture, so that when combined, these elements convey a new visual effect. The Cheongsam is a traditional costume of Chinese women, and I have therefore chosen to use the visual language of the cheongsam as the main element of my design. When visual elements of Western and Chinese culture appear in the same compositional space, they are both contradictory and unified, so my work aims to convey a special relationship between both cultures.

Entry to the MA show is free and more information can be found at

Luise Trilsbach - MA Show 2018

Internet Security for Children

Dealing with the behaviour of selfie-taking and the neglect of privacy, led me to the topic of internet security for children. Today, the youngest people of our society are influenced by the internet the most. The digital world with all its merits contains also numerous risks. This is why I would like to raise the awareness of children through my digital poster campaign to be aware of dubious content on the internet in order to protect themselves. The animation style has a beneficial effect on the attention of the viewer. The posters are part of the campaign by a fictitious organisation which aims to offer children appropriate information on the topic. My aim is to prepare kids to react in a safer way in complicated online situations.

Entry to the MA show is free and more information can be found at

Melisa Sözeri - MA Show 2018

Vogue the Ultimate form of self-expression. “Vogue” Is not about the Vogue Magazine or Madonna, it is about Vogue Dance & the Ballroom scene. Vogueing, a form of dance created in the clubs of Harlem by a subculture of young gay men and drag-queens in the 60 ́s. In a beautiful escape, they express the most outrageous version of themselves through costumes, attitude, and dance.

The “Ballroom scene” is when people come together to exchange. Serving the runway, being bizarre, or competing in drag categories for trophies and prizes. The objectives of documenting the ballrooms is to show the interaction between audience and dancers. I wish to take the viewer inside the culture of house-balls and to convey the diversity, identity, and unity of Vogue. My aim is also to develop a new character for the category “BIZARRE” using the theme ‘goddess of the Nature’.

Entry to the MA show is free and more information can be found at

Sarah Sonnenberg - MA Show 2018

“All that really belongs to us is time” (Baltasar Gracian)

I started the Master’s program with an interest in Japanese art. This really moved forward when I engaged in more depth with the process of print making and in particular linocuts. Time flies. Sometimes more, sometimes less. It just feels as if I arrived yesterday and had a weekend stay. The matter of time is an important theme for me. I came here for study and I knew it would be only for a year but it feels so ridiculously short; that is why I have been reflecting on the value of time. For my MA project, I wish to explore the visual language of time and convey its effects around a particular location.

Entry to the MA show is free and more information can be found at

Yasemin Sezgin - MA Show 2018


The human brain is the most fascinating organ of all; it forms our identity, what we like, what we don’t like, what we want to achieve and how we can achieve it. But all of this can be impacted as soon as our brain gets sick. These illnesses are often invisible, untouchable, inaudible; which can be reasons for many to believe that they don’t really exist, resulting in misconceptions about mental health and therefore make it harder for those suffering to become fully understood.

SEMICOLON is a magazine about mental health issues, which seeks to offer a platform for helpful information, support, facts, and advice.

Entry to the MA show is free and more information can be found at

Mareike Schroeder - MA Show 2018

You cannot make more time, you can just change time

In our society people become dazzled by material things and lose sight of the true richness of spirit and the joy of living in the present moment; a central theme informing my work is the message “Do not let anybody or anything steal your time”. Creating a world that picks up on the issues of time, self-management and identity, I want to bring the viewer closer to these issues through both - a print and a digital product: A Pop-Up Book accompanied by an App which are based on the fairy tale novel “Momo” by German author Michael Ende.

Entry to the MA show is free and more information can be found at

Jessica Schmitt - MA Show 2018


Within the framework of my contextual research, I developed two areas of focus for my creative practice; female identity with regard to fashion, and the illustrative potential of traditional graphic design. Fashion can be considered an extension of the self either physically or mentally, whereas illustration and graphic design are typically considered as separate. To combine these two aspects, I developed branding for a fashion label inspired by 90s girl culture and designed an associated capsule collection exploring unconventional femininity. The illustrative branding visually complements the quirky aesthetic of the garments, exploring the relationship between fashion, the body and contemporary feminism.

Entry to the MA show is free and more information can be found at

Sarah Schiffman - MA Show 2018

Tales of the Boogeyman

Our seven sins

It sometimes seems that we do no longer feel responsible for our planet. We have developed complacent attitudes where the number of followers we have on our social media apps appears to be more important than issues of equality and human rights. Often, we celebrate the achievements and greatness of mankind but fall silent when an issue gets too serious. We should raise our voices for equality, social justice and become more aware of ourselves, our environment and the consequences of our consumption; but instead, we hate, fight, and exploit the weak. These are not fairy tales, those are the tales of the Boogeyman.

In my photoseries I combine fashion, symbolism and a satirical view on contemporary issues. I want to show the disconnection and a new interpretation of the seven deadly sins.

Entry to the MA show is free and more information can be found at

Hanna Runge - MA Show 2018

Experimental City Exploration - Unfolded Stories at the Sidewalk
The present is controlled by technology and speed, with the result of us not noticing what is going on around in our environment. People are absorbed in a virtual world, preventing themselves from having experiences in public space. There is the danger of us taking for granted the things that our daily lives offer us.

The aim of this project is to show the viewer that streets are rich places, full of stories, inspiration and our traces. My work has the intention to inspire people to explore cities in an experimental way.

Entry to the MA show is free and more information can be found at

Hannah Quellhorst - MA Show 2018

You Can Be What You Can’t See

Identity – A sophisticated construction

In my research I focussed on the areas of identity, stereotypes, and perception. I was interested in how far the self-appraisal of individuals differs from the outer appearance and the disconnection or even conflict that can arise from this issue.

The body’s meaning can only be seen at once as dependent on a whole context. It is necessary to understand the composition of a human identity. My constructions aim to explore the sophisticated make up of personalities. The case of having something to touch and feel provides a sensory perception as it is experienced in everyday life. The shadows produced by the work convey the message that there is always more to see beyond the surface.

Entry to the MA show is free and more information can be found at

Jana Poppenborg - MA Show 2018

Soul Dogs - a Special Connection
For my MA project, I decided to design a series of engaging messages around the role of therapy dogs and present them in the form of a campaign. The project is intended to show the special relationship between therapy dogs and the individuals that they help. A lot of people are not familiar with the term therapy dog and the different ways in which they can provide comfort and support. Furthermore, therapy dogs are not recognised because it has not as yet been scientifically proven whether they really help the patient.

“With a short tail wagging, a dog can express more emotions than some people with hours of talk.” — Louis Daniel Armstrong (1901-1971)

Entry to the MA show is free and more information can be found at

Vinicius Ferraz Pereira - MA Show 2018

The aim of my project is to explore the status quo of technology with regard to the individual and their inner self. The complexity and scale of our information culture, and the effects of social media, are, relatively speaking contemporary issues that haven’t been around for so long. Therefore, my aim is to reflect further on these issues and to explore different approaches to the visualisation of how technology connects to people’s daily experience and their subconscious.

Entry to the MA show is free and more information can be found at

Jara Niemeyer - MA Show 2018

Geometry of the Senses 
Re-sensitise the body
Today the ‘depth of our being’ stands on thin ice. - Steven Holl

As we spend so much time in front of the screen, watching and admiring how other people live their lives on social media, we completely forget to experience the world with our own senses. In my final MA project, areas such as fashion, architecture and the senses are merged with Printed Body Architecture, which are wearable’s printed by the 3D Printer. Building forms, rather than conventional fabrics, stimulate the senses of the wearer. It may be possible to improve the relationship between object, body and environment with the result of being able to experience the visual language of architecture in a different way.

Entry to the MA show is free and more information can be found at

Ben Mantle - MA Show 2018

Is nature just a construct of an ideal world?

Does nature actually become a significant part of our lives?

Would we care if nature did not exist in the future?

This project aims to understand the relationship between humans and nature and the impact we have on each other. Is our relationship with nature a positive one or is it something that should be encouraged to change for the future? The work will seek to engage the viewer to feel loss and melancholia for nature in an attempt to redeem humanity’s relationship with nature through acts of atonement towards feelings of happiness.

Entry to the MA show is free and more information can be found at

Maria Ling - MA Show 2018

During my studies in the UK, I have come to realise how much I miss being surrounded by nature and specifically my experiences of particular mountains. The environment is something that a lot of people take for granted, which is something that my work seeks to change.

I started to take images in the National Park and experimented with these pictures. For my MA project, I decided to drive to the Scottish Highlands and take photographs in the documentary style, which show the beauty of nature. I also aim to convey the different influences that mountains have on people through the combination of image and text.

Entry to the MA show is free and more information can be found at

Yue Lin - MA Show 2018

I moved to my place of residence in the UK, and began to experience something new; I started to pick up on visual aspects of the area in which I live. Things that provided me with new visual experiences are those that people living here every day probably do not really pay much attention to; which made me realise that if we actually turned our attention away from our phones we can create the opportunity for interesting visual experiences. My approach will be to take photographs of the area around me for 90 days, in doing this I hope to remind not just myself but others to appreciate and re-connect with the engaging present moment as clichéd as that may sound.

Entry to the MA show is free and more information can be found at

Carmen Leiss - MA Show 2018

MelancholiaMelancholia combines the pleasure of reflection and stillness, with the mourning of loss or the yearning for something. Being reflective, alone, withdrawn and thoughtful doesn’t fit into today’s society. We only wait for the future, expecting happiness by tomorrow whilst trying to suppress our yesterdays. This work is a collection of imagery, poetry and text in response to the subject of melancholia, and differentiates the mood from sadness and depression, revealing the bitter sweetness, beauty, and potential it brings. The book includes handmade paper with flower petals capturing the transience of beauty.

Entry to the MA show is free and more information can be found at

Klaudia Karpete - MA Show 2018

It all started with social media and happiness. This then turned into emotional issues, toxic relationships and body negativity. Not everyone on the internet has a perfect life; this is what I discovered for myself by trying to present a flawless image which didn’t exist. There is also the more positive side to it all. People who support others, resulting in me feeling like I no longer need to hide. If I had been told a year ago that my life would turn out this way, I would’ve laughed and said to myself that I don’t believe in fairy tales.

Entry to the MA show is free and more information can be found at

Jana Hesse - MA Show 2018

Not to be Censored
My Masters project seeks to give voice to the observation that the ordinary appearance of female bodies has become taboo. Social media, as filter and agent for comparison appears to reflect an emerging problem; that the idealised image of beauty that has been constructed is, effectively censoring images which are contrary to expectations of female beauty. We should start to confront society’s standards of femininity. Why are our attitudes still so restrictive towards women’s bodies? Once freed of all obsessive preconception, freed of all moral striving for perfection we could embrace a normal, fulfilling life.

Entry to the MA show is free and more information can be found at

Maximillian Helmer - MA Show 2018

My project takes as its starting point, the emotional bond between people and their sense of national identity. All around the world there are examples of disputes around issues of national, religious and ethical identities. Brexit and the rise of populist ideas in Europe are consequences of this trend where it can appear that dysfunction and negativity are more popular than positivity. This project seeks to reach out to everyone to reconsider their own sense of personal ‘self’. The European project is often more commonly known for its economic aspects rather than social. My work reconsiders the EU project as a unifying identity with values such as unity, tolerance and exchange.

Entry to the MA show is free and more information can be found at

Kolja Harbs - MA Show 2018

Blackandwhite – A Story About Dementia
Using the format and visual language of the book, the work sets out to communicate and convey the progression of symptoms associated with memory loss and the gradual deterioration of thinking skills. On the one hand the book will contain the contextual and graphic references to the person concerned, whilst the early stages of the illness are interpreted through increasingly absent words, blurred photographs, typographic disorder, and the use of laser cut interventions upon elements of the printed page. The term "Blackandwhite" is a reference to the graphic language employed to convey the light, shade, and darkness of memory loss.

Entry to the MA show is free and more information can be found at

Philipp Debatin - MA Show 2018

I will create a public awareness campaign drawing attention to data privacy issues, the digital fingerprint and the GDPR. I will try to break the passive behaviour most people have when it comes to data privacy, allow them to understand the GDPR, and inform them about what is happening to their data and how to protect themselves. I will create a series of posters and a homepage.
Entry to the MA show is free and more information can be found at

James Davison - MA Show 2018

Tales from Espalore
Tales from Espalore is a game currently in active development by the fledging company ‘Progressive Games’. Set in the fictional world of Espalore, the game follows Nickolai Lancaster, a young man from a migrant society, and his journey to aid his group’s efforts to build a permanent residence for themselves after an attack on their convoy leaves them with the inability to travel. After losing his mother Alexandria in the attack, Nickolai hopes that he’ll be able to deal with the grief of the loss of his mother and that the support he provides his community will serve to give his life greater purpose.

Entry to the MA show is free and more information can be found at

Juliane Boese - MA Show 2018

I have always been fascinated by architecture, particularly the modern style. At one point I realised, that for a lot of people architecture is a function, or a shelter, but these elements are often recognised at the expense of an appreciation of design. With my photographs, the observer gets to pay more attention to the architect’s design, as well as my interpretation of this. In order to highlight design aspects further, the approach taken to my MA project uses the visual language of minimalism.

Entry to the MA show is free and more information can be found at

Kieron Allen - MA Show 2018

Aesthetically Good?An ‘Exchange’ project undertaken during the MA programme resulted in an exchange of conversation with a busker in the nearby university subway. The meeting resulted in the re-design of one of the busker’s garments which was re-made and re-invented incorporating the use of two of my own items of clothing. The process essentially made something out of nothing. My work builds on this initial approach by taking old garments and objects and reinventing them whist aiming to make them aesthetically pleasing.

Entry to the MA show is free and more information can be found at

MA Show in Two Locations

This year we are thrilled that the work of graduating MA students will be exhibited across two sites, with Wolverhampton Art Gallery and The New Art Gallery Walsall providing international stages.

The exhibition will showcase the work of over forty five graduating Master’s students, ranging from visual communication to photography, sculpture, glass and ceramics

The New Art Gallery Walsall will showcase work of fine art students: Wednesday 19 - Friday 28 September 2018.

Wolverhampton Art Gallery will be the location to see work by students in visual communication and those studying design and applied arts: Thursday 27 September - Wednesday 3 October 2108

Entry is free and more information can be found here

Monday, 16 July 2018

New Designers 2018

The Visual Communication Department at the University of Wolverhampton exhibited at New Designers, Show Two; the annual showcase of the best new talent from graduating students. Both Illustration and Graphic Design students exhibited work at the Business Design Centre in Islington, London and the students were kept very busy making connections with art directors and potential future employers. 

All the students received positive comments on their work from industry professionals. The University of Wolverhampton stand showcased a broad range of creative work and many industry creatives commented on the strength and quality of the work on display from the Visual Communication courses at Wolverhampton.