Wednesday, 11 April 2018

The Cabinet of Psychedelic Curiosities

Wolverhampton Art Gallery has teamed up with the University of Wolverhampton to exhibit the curiosities of the 60’s through Pop Art.This new display, curated by Tom Hicks, Faculty of Arts Librarian and Dr Jane Webb Head of Visual Communication, explores psychedelic art, music and fashion in the 1960s.

The exhibition ranges from some of the first 60s prints inspired by Art Nouveau designs to the full flowering of the psychedelic style of 1967’s Summer of Love. Enjoy a magical mystery tour through the curious style that created a bright and colourful fusion of pop music and art.

Tom Hicks,said: "The exhibition was originally held at Wolverhampton University and we felt that the show would appeal to the public. We invited Wolverhampton Art Gallery along to view and they felt it would be an ideal show for them.

"The exhibition appeals to all ages and all tastes, it’s bright fun and plays with all the senses. The collaboration is an exciting opportunity and something we hope to continue in the future."

Tess Radcliffe, Curatorial and Learning Manager said: "Our visitors always enjoy our Pop Art inspired exhibitions and by working with the School of Art at the University of Wolverhampton we have been able to contextualise different items and issues that are relevant today."

The exhibition also features newer works from the collection as well as examples of futuristic novels by Angela Carter and Margaret Atwood. Taken together these objects and artworks explore the issues of feminism, gender and alienation that resonate through the exhibition.

The exhibition, located on the first floor of the gallery, opens 14th April and runs until 3rd June.