Thursday, 29 January 2015

Creative Internships – Razorfish – London

No, silly, it’s just a trend. There’s always something new around the corner and that’s what we’re interested in. New stuff.

So we want smart, shiny minds to create new stuff with us. Our agency has a rich history of being the first to do cool, innovative thingumabobs and we want to continue into the glorious future with forward-thinking heads that want to do the same.

From social media mash-ups to compelling viral content to sticky campaign sites to digital outdoor with a difference, we strive to set new standards in digital marketing.

We’ll give you invaluable innovative skills, mentoring you in the wicked ways of digital in exchange for your boundless, youthful energy and raw creative genius. Together our big ideas could take over the world!

Come and create the exciting world of tomorrow today.

Send us your best work or forever wonder what could have been…

Design Intern - Blue Hive - London

Do you like cars? Do you like design? Do you like varied projects and working to tight deadlines? Then come over to the Blue side!

Us: We do cars. We do Ford Cars. We do Mustangs; We do vans; We do cool cars; we do family cars. If you’ve seen Ford content, that was us.

Blue Hive is a 360 Agency (I mean, really 360) based alongside Ogilvy in Canary Wharf. We do amazing work and we do lots of it. We are a fun, friendly agency and we champion work/life balance all the way from the top.

You: You’re a passionate and self-aware designer looking to develop and expand your skill set. The ideal candidate will be trained in classic design principles but does not need to be the finished article. We offer the opportunity to broaden an already promising designers craft skills, so an insatiable thirst for knowledge and a keen interest in all aspects of design such as motion, typography and responsive web design is a must. Our design team are exactly that, a team. There’s no room for egos or bravado at Blue Hive. We all work together and help each other out, if this sounds like your kinda workplace get in touch!

Disclaimer: We require a basic knowledge of Adobe creative suite; primarily Photoshop, InDesign and illustrator, we will hopefully help teach you the rest!

This is a paid internship, please email through for further details.

Madeleine Lozano (

Editorial interns X2 - POPSUGAR UK, London

It's that time of year again! I am looking for not one but two full time (paid) editorial interns for POPSUGAR UK. These are three month contracts starting asap (with the potential to extend further if things work out). Central London office based.

These interns will be working with the UK team, assisting in curating US content and editing it for UK audience, sharing partner content and some social media management. There will be opportunities to write original content too but this will not be the bulk of the work to start with.

I would love someone with an interest in getting into lifestyle journalism (especially fitness, relationships, weddings, finance) as well as the usual love of pop culture and style. Applicants must be organised, proactive, and meticulous when it comes to grammar and spelling. They also must have a blog (or a very convincing reason why not)!

Send CV and details to

Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Just Have to Share - Worlds Within Our Worlds

 Take a look at this video of beautifully lit macro photos of everyday objects by photographer Pyanek (who also scored the audio) and see how many objects you can guess.

Thursday, 22 January 2015

Look Like Love - New Talent Search 2015

Look Like Love promote and showcase new designers through several channels ranging from their blog and social media network, through to their online shop, popup shops, exhibitions and markets.

This time last they launched their New Talent Search to find undiscovered talent from across the UK.
They were overwhelmed by the number of applications, and so pleased to see that great design and designers are working hard to get a foothold in every corner of the country.
This year Look Like Love are excited to launch the New Talent Search 2015 for a second year, and look forward to seeing a fresh crop of fantastic new designers to share.

Graphics graduate Kayleigh Hadley has been successfully represented by Look Like Love since 2011. For more information about her work  see here

Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Just Have to Share - Monotype Recorder

The Monotype Recorder was a  typographic and printing trade magazine published by the Monotype Corporation. It ran for about 70 years from 1902 – it almost ceased publication during World War Two. The well known type educator, writer and longstanding Monotype publicity manager, Beatrice Warde was an editor.
Over 60 issues are available free to download in PDF format here at, making a fascinating read for anyone with an interest in type 

Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Holocaust Memorial Day Annual Lecture

‘A Life in Science - Gifted by the Kindertransport’

Professor Robert A. Shaw grew up in inter-war Austria, an economically depressed, unstable and politically polarised country. After the Anschluss of 1938, life in Professor Shaw’s native Vienna became increasingly difficult for the Jewish community, and in 1939 his mother found a place for him on a Kindertransport to England.

In his lecture, Professor Shaw will talk about his childhood in Austria as an enthusiastic boy scout, his experiences as a refugee, as farmyard boy in Suffolk, errand boy in London during the Blitz, followed by volunteering for the British Army. He served in India and South East Asia Command (SEAC) and studying in the jungles for his London

Matriculation to enable him to enter university. His life, almost certainly saved by the Kindertransport (he arrived less than two months before the outbreak of the war). His hard work and determination have allowed him to become a well-known scientist. The combination of science with an abiding interest in history has initiated invitations from all over the world to lecture about his research.

Thursday 29 January 2015 5:00pm-6:30pm
Chaired by MP Ian Austin
Followed by Q & A

MC001, Millennium City Building,
Faculty of Social Sciences,
University of Wolverhampton,
Wolverhampton, WV1 1LY

To book your free place on this insightful talk: Please email:

Friday, 16 January 2015

Junior Art Director - Different - Newcastle

We’re always on the look out for engaged and engaging minds.

The kinds of minds that look round every corner. Lift the lid off every box. Question every question. Yearn to taste every type of gherkin. Well, that one’s not a requirement! Whether you’re interested in joining us at differento/ogy, d.fferent or we @re d.fferent, we’ve got a question for you. Have you got an open mind or a lorry load of talent? Because we love it when people have both.

If you’re interested in doing things differently, get in touch

We need a socially savvy, digitally aware, hard working junior art director. Fresh out of uni or a year or so’s experience preferred. Send a portfolio on application.

We need you to be really good at:
> concept creation
> typography
> art direction (obviously)
> digital campaigns
> social campaigns
> being an excellent human (we'll be working with you and we'd like to enjoy that)

Contact details
To apply for this position, please email your CV and covering letter to:

For more information visit

Closing date
15th Feb (but the sooner you apply the better)

Junior Designer - Browndog Design Ltd. Huddersfield

We are looking for a junior designer.The successful candidate will have a strong understanding of on and offline design suites and applications, and will be comfortable working in a busy, results-based environment. Based in Huddersfield, we are a close working team and our new additions will be keen to add their ideas to our offering.

From household names to famous brands of the future, our client base covers numerous sectors and sizes, who rely on us to help to transform their business through our creative thinking, strategic approach and can-do attitude.

Your remit will cover all aspects of design, from brochures and POS through to digital assets and exhibitions, and we can guarantee that no two days will be the same.

The position would suit strong graduates and those with 12-24 months experience alike – what we are looking for is a combination of intelligence, effective Mac skills and the creativity to bring campaigns to life.

We offer competitive salary and holidays, a friendly working environment and the ability to learn from our highly experienced team. Where you progress from here is up to you.

Please submit your interest by emailing along with your CV, portfolio and salary expectations.

Thursday, 15 January 2015

The Beauty of Letters:

Text, type and communication in the eighteenth century

14-15 March 2015

In his preface to Paradise Lost (1758), John Baskerville described himself as ‘an admirer of the beauty of letters’. This conference takes his phrase as a starting point to explore the production, distribution, consumption and reception, not only of letters, but also words, texts and images during the long eighteenth century (c. 1688-1820). It will consider how writing, printing, performance and portrayal contributed to the creation of cultural identity and taste, assisted the spread of knowledge and contributed to political, economic, social and cultural change in Britain and the wider world. 

KEYNOTE SPEAKERS : Lynda Mugglestone, Jennny Uglow, Susan Whyman

Details: More information and a full conference programme is available from The Typographic Hub.

Booking: Tickets can be purchased through the University of Birmingham on-line shop

£85.00 for two daysincludes all lectures, refreshments, lunches, Jenny Uglow lecture, and Saturday evening buffet
£55.00 Saturday onlyincludes all lectures, refreshments & lunch on Saturday only, Jenny Uglow lecture, and Saturday evening buffet. 
£40.00 Sunday onlyincludes all lectures, refreshments & lunch on Sunday only.

Tuesday, 13 January 2015

A Typographic Crime Inspires a Treasure Hunt

Thomas Cobden-Sanderson and Emery Walker

In 1916, a 76-year-old man was often to be seen furtively going between The Dove, a pub in west London, and the turrets of Hammersmith Bridge. There was nothing remarkable about Thomas Cobden-Sanderson’s walks however, between August 1916 and January 1917 Cobden-Sanderson, a printer and bookbinder, dropped more than a tonne of metal printing type from the the bridge. He made approximately 170 trips from his place of work, a distance of about half a mile, and always in the dark. The type he consigned to the Thames, belonged to a font exclusively used by the Doves Press, a printer of fine books that Cobden-Sanderson had co-founded 16 years earlier. The type was not his to throw away and so he hid his trips from his friends, family and passers by.

What inspired this unusual crime? Cobden-Sanderson wanted to keep the type from Emery Walker, his former friend and business partner, with whom he had fallen out.  The reason behind his action was partly his passion for his craft. he did not like the thought of the type one day being used in books other than those he had so carefully printed. But it was also a loathing of the technological change that had transformed the world during his lifetime. He hated mechanical industry, and only by throwing the type  in the river, he wrote in his diary, could he  be sure it would not be used in “a press pulled otherwise than by the hand and arm of man”.

Both Cobden-Sanderson and Walker were part of the group of artists and craftsmen with links to William Morris. In 1887 it was Cobden-Sanderson who suggested a new committee be named the Arts and Crafts Exhibition Society, and as a result gave name to anew movement. The following year a lecture on fine printing by Walker Morris was inspired to found the Kelmscott Press and began a fashion for private presses that lasting through the 20th century. Walker’s knowledge of printing were fundamental to Kelmscott’s success. When Morris died, Cobden-Sanderson suggested he and Walker should set up a press of their own press. Books from the newly founded Doves Press were plain, simple, and modern for their time. Paradise Lost, issued in 1902, made their reputation yet their five-volume English Bible, is their masterpiece. The opening of Genesis (pictured, below) now ranks among the most famous pages in printing. All 500 copies were sold before completion. Today a Doves Bible can fetch more than £20,000.

For three years Robert Green has been crafting a digital reproduction of the famous face—the first fully usable Doves font since the original metal pieces sank to the bottom of the Thames. The new version of Doves can be seen at

Over the years, intrepid fans have occasionally tried to recover pieces of the type from the river, but no one has ever found any, so while redrawing the contemporary version of Doves, Robert Green borrowed Doves books as a reference. His painstaking process was similar to the technique Cobden-Sanderson and Walker used to create the Doves type, itself. Doves owes most to the style of Nicholas Jenson, a Venetian printer from the 15th century. Robert Green has added to the original font which had only approximately 100 characters. Today his digital version has 350.

However the latest news is that in collaboration with the salvage team from the Port of London Authority, Robert Green recovered a small quantity of the lost metal type ‘dedicated & consecrated’ by T. J. Cobden-Sanderson, founder of the DOVES PRESS, from the riverbed around Hammersmith Bridge and the digital version is now being updated to conform to the detail of the Actual metal type

Why not explore some of the Doves Press books in the Emery Walker Library in the Virtual Library?

Friday, 9 January 2015

FOUND - The New Art Gallery Walsall

30 January - 3 May 2015

FOUND brings together seven contemporary artists who work with found images. Transforming, cutting, embellishing and re-working visual material sourced from the internet, flea markets, magazines and discarded personal collections, the artists enter into the histories and narratives present in strangers’ images. The exhibition explores themes of loss, memory and mass cultural experience, as well as socially-constructed hierarchies concerning gender, race, religion and mass culture. Drawing attention to our relentless consumption and self-projection of visual information in a digital age, the selected works reverberate and bring into question the feeling of being suffocated and framed by representations of other people’s lives, tastes and experiences.

FOUND features work by Paul Chiappe, Ruth Claxton, Julie Cockburn, Ellen Gallagher, Vesna Pavlović, Erik Kessels and John Stezaker, including six new works specially commissioned by The New Art Gallery Walsall.

Image credit: Paul Chiappe, Untitled 48, 2010, Pencil on paper, Courtesy of the Artist and Lea Weingarten 
Photo: John K. McGregor

Thursday, 8 January 2015

Congratulations Jessica Pritchard

Congratulations must go to graduate Jessica Pritchard who has recently become a graphic designer at West Midlands Safari Park - well done Jessica