Wednesday, 19 September 2018


My experience at the University of Wolverhampton was honestly life changing… it has completely transformed me into someone who is ambitious and driven.”

Sam Chambers graduated with a First Class degree in Graphic Design and is also the recipient of The Sheaffer Prize for Use of Language in Graphic Projects. He is now drawing up plans for a career in the industry.

Sam was always interested in art and wanted to study graphics because of the variety of fields on offer and the opportunity to explore different avenues of creativity.

He said: “The variety on offer under one roof at the University was appealing and the lecturers were clearly passionate about what they do. They gave outstanding support and guidance, making the process a lot easier.

“I really enjoyed working on live projects during my time at the University, getting the opportunity to practice projection design – projecting graphics on buildings in Wolverhampton. I also took part in an organ donation competition where I met the Mayor of Wolverhampton.”

Sam’s aim is to expand into the world of media, focusing on motion graphics and graphics for TV shows, films, conferences and digital media.

He added: “Overall, my experience at the University was honestly life changing. I came in as an unsure, relatively unconfident individual and it has completely transformed me into someone who is ambitious and driven.

“Mainly by gently pushing me outside of my comfort zone and giving me constant support and advice, my lecturers were amazing. And that would be my advice to graduates – you’ll learn so much and gain so many new skills if you put in the time and the rewards are worth it.”

Sam is now working as a Junior Live Graphic Designer and Operator at DRP Group.

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