Wednesday, 12 September 2018

Jara Niemeyer - MA Show 2018

Geometry of the Senses 
Re-sensitise the body
Today the ‘depth of our being’ stands on thin ice. - Steven Holl

As we spend so much time in front of the screen, watching and admiring how other people live their lives on social media, we completely forget to experience the world with our own senses. In my final MA project, areas such as fashion, architecture and the senses are merged with Printed Body Architecture, which are wearable’s printed by the 3D Printer. Building forms, rather than conventional fabrics, stimulate the senses of the wearer. It may be possible to improve the relationship between object, body and environment with the result of being able to experience the visual language of architecture in a different way.

Entry to the MA show is free and more information can be found at

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