Friday, 30 September 2016

Christian Kunsch - MA Show

There are several Vineta (a mythical city at the southern coast of the Baltic Sea) myths: the Vinetans (who led an excessive, voluptuous and even blasphemous way of life) were punished for their behaviour by a flood. 
In some variants of the myth, the city reappears on certain days or can be seen from a boat, to serve as a warning to others. In the small town of Barth at the Baltic Sea there is a retailer called ‘Vinetaperlen’ translated as ‘Pearls of Vineta’, which produces handmade jewellery out of glass modelled after the myth. By analysing and redesigning the whole corporate identity this shop can come to be known in other parts of Germany and even overseas. By adapting a new website the shop will have a modern look integrated with the value of the ancient myth.

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