Thursday, 29 September 2016

Isabelle Hallemeier - MA Show

Due to my research about narratives, story-telling methods and comics I plan to create a comic. With this project I want to combine my research regarding narratives and comics. 
The comic will entertain by using different story-telling methods. The most important element is the non-linear story. Other elements are the stylised use of colours for special situations, handling of the reader’s knowledge and expectations, character development and alternative layout ideas. Because of the non-linear story the comic will be split in three parts. The illustrations will be made manually with markers on paper, the colouring and layout will be made digitally. The comic will be a printed product. For time reasons the comic will be a dummy book in which only short sequences are fully finished with details but the whole comic is necessary to show how the non-linear story, the colouration and other elements are used and work over time.

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