Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Huanhuan Tan - MA Show

Some people think that the relationship between tradition and modernity are opposites and not compatible and traditional culture has been replaced by modern life. But I think they can coexist, there can be a harmonious relationship. Traditional culture promotes modern life, and modern life influences traditional culture. 
The theme of my work is harmony between the traditional and the modern. I use two different ways to design: namely embroidery and a visual diary. They are all in order to highlight my point of view that traditional culture and modern life are compatible. In the first work, I combine the symbols of ancient gods and superhero. In my second work I use the photo of Big Ben, the nickname of the clock in the Palace of Westminster. It is a classic building, but it also a modern clock and time is always moving forward. From my view, I think this conveys harmony.

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  1. I also tried something similar - when I taught in a school. The material is tiny clay face for painting mask design for students to explore/learn/play with symmetry, contrast, etc. The other teacher taught the traditional Chinese masks related to Chinese opera. I taught Western masks related to masquerade balls/super heros/abstract shapes & colours.