Thursday, 29 September 2016

Craig Hancock - MA Show

My initial area of study began looking at anti-consumerism and the anti-advertising movements; this led me onto such movements as the dĂ©tournment technique along with the Situationists. I then researched what exactly caused this consumer culture we currently live in. This led me onto the protestant neo-liberalist background, which I think currently exists – this greatly interested me and linked with the idea of what is not for sale. 

It seems that most things are for sale, or at least can be consumed, including things that are intangible. These intangible assets are what interested me and made me delve deeper into the process of what is meant by such assets as ‘being guilt free’ and the notion of happiness. Some of these values have their basis in Christianity and I wondered how these values can be sold to us, and indeed, if they can be spread to the masses.

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