Thursday, 25 September 2014

Neil Easton MA Digital and Visual Communications

"With the undertaking of my MA illustration project, "Transhumanism" was the emotive subject that caught my imagination. The transhumanist idea that through advances in science and technology, mankind will escape the weaknesses of their human form, prone to sickness, damage, ageing and eventually death. The aim to extend life with the ultimate goal of eternal life.

The object of this MA project is for the illustrations to provoke the viewer to ask themselves questions such as; how would a supposed necessity of physical and intellectual enhancement be cultivated and sold to the public? Is this something new to come upon man or the repeat of an ancient deception repackaged for today as the next step to be taken in the human evolutionary journey? What could be the resulting physical and spiritual consequences of genetically altering creation, both man and beast. Therefore radically redesigning what it even means to be human?" says Neil 

More information about the 2014 MA show can be found here

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