Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Nathalie Goepel MA Digital and Visual Communications

"Imagine we are in the future" says Nathalie Goepel. "Parents now have the possibility to go online and design their own baby. They have the power to fulfil all their longings and desires for their future baby. This includes appearances like choosing the eye colour, skin co¬lour or whether they should have an Asian touch or rather look European. They can also decide on characteristics, talents and on the intelligence of their wanted offspring.
How would it be if we would be able to control such things? What if diseases, miscarriages and the sex of the child would no longer be an issue? What if we could design out difficulty in reproduction and choose from a desired set of qualities?
My Master's project: "design your child" gives an insight of how this illusion could be implemented and shows the variety of possible influences on human evolution." continues Nathalie
More information about the 2014 MA show can be found here

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