Friday, 26 September 2014

Timo Firtina and Vivien Stennulat MA Digital and Visual Communications

Together,Timo Firtina and Vivien Stennulat  create handmade personalised children’s books for children aged 8-12 years old. their personalisation process helps children to identify more closely with these books, thereby strengthening the educational value and reinforcing ownership.

"In our personalisation process you can choose from four character profiles with different qualities, which are based on four personality types. This guarantees that every child can identify with at least one character as himself.

For the book illustrations we redraw the child from a photo into an illustrated character. Therefore, every child finds himself in his own completely unique book. The stories involve the child taking part in various adventures while developing superpowers.

Our books represent unique and long-lasting gifts from friends and family while also supporting parents in the education process. We let children dive into their own personalised world of reading and enhance their imagination while they are learning skills for life." says Timo

Find out more about the MA show here 

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