Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Countdown to D&AD competition

It's approaching the deadline to this years D&AD competition (good luck to those who are entering).

As part of the countdown there is a daily post from one of the judges, or someone of note connected with the competition. Today's comment comes from Michael Bierut, the graphic design jury chairman and discusses a resurgence in enthusiasm and interest in print.

His post is expressed in 140 words (the limit for descriptive text that should accompany all D&AD professional entry).

"Despite expectations to the contrary, print and publication seems to be far from dead, but in fact may be entering a new golden age. In reaction to the rise of the iPad, enabled by the accessibility of more varied (and digitally-enabled) print-on-demand technologies, magazines and newspapers and broadsides at every scale keep coming on strong. I noticed on "Downton Abbey" that the servants used to iron the newspapers upon delivery, lest their masters' fingers get smudged with ink. Is it wishful thinking that I am yearning for some smudging again?"

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