Thursday, 16 August 2012

Speed success for Kayleigh

Graphics graduate Kayleigh Hadley has recently found out that she has been selected to take part in the Speed Program run by the University to help students and alumni to develop their own business ideas.

"My motivation for applying came from wanting to start my own business to market and sell my own designs. I think what gave me that push and made me think I could do this myself was the pop up exhibit in April with Look Like Love, who I’ve been lucky enough to work with since graduating last year, they’ve been selling new creative’s work via their online store. At the pop up I sold quite a few of my hand drawn Muppets movie quote posters. It was really humbling to know people liked my work and were happy to pay for prints of my designs. After this experience I talked to friends and tutors at University, as well as undertaking some market research, and I decided to develop my own business to sell my work.

My business idea is to reproduce the designs I’ve been creating for the past year, into hand made products to sell such as; posters and prints, tea towels, tote bags and wooden signs. The reason I wanted the products to be hand made where possible, is the fact that I prefer producing things by hand and I value the quality of hand made designs and my existing customers have the same values too. I’d like to think that the passion I have for my work shows through in my designs. With my business idea I can freely produce work and develop it by working with new techniques and materials, which is what inspired me to study graphic design in the first place."

Kayleigh also has another reason to celebrate, as her work 'Napoleon Dynamite' (shown above) is on display within the Publics Summer exhibition. Congratulations Kayleigh

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