Monday, 29 July 2013

Graduate Success - Lena Matthies

Visual Communication MA graduate Lena Matthies has been in touch from Berlin to share some of her wonderful achievements since graduation. 

"Having moved to Berlin, My first job was with a small organic cookie firm.

I worked there for 4 months and gained experiences designing many different things including webpages, newsletters, shirts, flyers, corporate designs, and taking product pictures.

Since the beginning of June I have been working for mymuesli! I love what they produce: organic muesli, coffee, tea and orange juice. My new job is rich and varied. It is a great young team of 200 people (mainly working in the production) but in the office in Berlin there are 12 people. I design everything that is needed for the company - Websites, newsletters, flyers, packaging, cards, advent calendars, advertising banners and I take photographs too.
I even have my own "baby". A new tea brand 'tree of tea' that will appear on the market this month and I am the only designer for this project. I love it! 

I also like Berlin very much! The city is full of energy, creativity and freedom. The people are cool, a little bit crazy, very straight, but always candid and pleasant. 

Berlin is also awesome because of the "culture mix". Here are so many different people from all over the world, so that you have to speak English every day!

In my spare time, I have also been working freelance for a fashion design school in Berlin" says Lena

Congratulations Lena

See some of her design at:

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