Tuesday, 5 November 2013

LOLB - Altered Books From your Library free workshop

A section of Christina's work for the LOLB

14th November : Altered Books From your Library - Sculpture /Image making. A hands on workshop in which you will explore various materials and learn some exciting visual methods and techniques. 

12.15 to 2.pm

Artist: Christina Mitrentse

Age range: Adults

Take an existing book and adapt it, alter it, deface it, using cut-up, collage and mark-making techniques to create completely new structures and visual texts/images.

For inspiration, you'll examine a selection of altered books made by artists and writers and you'll discuss poetry beyond the text including visual elements, invisible elements and the role of chance in writing and publishing book within the digital era.

Come prepared to think in three dimensions, and forget all you were ever taught about not scribbling in books.

Materials: Please bring a book that you are happy to alter! All other materials will be provided.

Booking: The workshop is free. Please email The Library of Lost Books on thelibraryoflostbooks@gmail.com to book your place.

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