Thursday, 3 April 2014

Jessica Glaser and Jeff Leak at the Type Symposium

There were some excellent contributions to the recent Type Symposium hosted by The Typographic Hub within BCU. The combined talks made a diverse, informative and entertaining event enjoyed by all who attended. University of Wolverhampton Visual Communication staff Jeff Leak and Jessica Glaser presented aspects of their current research.

Jeff discussed projected interventions within the environment and described the influence, legacy and origins of this magic lanterns, which are the 
forerunners of the modern slide projector. 

Magic lanterns have a long and complicated history and like lots of fascinating inventions, many people where involved in its development. No one can say for sure who invented the Magic Lantern. It is part of the world of optical projection and stands alongside the Camera Obscura, Shadow Shows and the Magic Mirror. Like them, the magic lantern has been used to educate, entertain and mystify audiences for hundreds of years.

Jessica's presentation was centred around her research interest in the power of typography to trigger responses. Her presentation drew on aspects including visual commincation, typography, linguistics, psychology as well as business and organisational studies. Jessica explored specialised ways of stimulating and reaching very precise audiences through typography. Using the symposium to bring together aspects taken from the psychology of choice and visual communication, she made parallels with responses to typography,  offering new insight into why responses to design with type might occur.

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