Thursday, 19 June 2014

Just Have to Share - the notebooks of Frances Quinn

Frances Quinn, the winner of the Great British Bake Off designs her amazing cake an biscuit creations firstly within the pages of her note books.

"My creative process always starts or ends with an idea, design or concept that I often find easier to express by ‘drawing’ on my imagination. Sketching up designs and pairing them with a recipe helps to feed both mine and other people’s creative appetite before I even reach for a spoon. It’s the impact, response and buzz that comes from baking that makes it fun. To surprise, inspire and bake memories and experiences for people is for me the icing on the cake!" says Frances

To see more of  her work visit

The designs shown here are for her work for Blue-berry Nude Cheesecake, inspired by Matisse and created for the Art Fund as part of their Edible Masterpieces. Edible Masterpieces is a fundraising initiative which encourages art lovers and keen cooks to make edible creations inspired by iconic works of art.

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