Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Kiss Exhibition

Third year Visual Communication Students are exhibiting work in the Bessant Gallery of the School of Art, on the theme of the Kiss. In visual culture the kiss has evolved from ancient narrative, legend, propaganda, ritual and myth, to become subject of interpretation and re-interpretation.  

Responses to the theme on display include research into occurrences of the kiss in pulp romance, extracted and represented; the anticipation of spontaneous affection in the iconic photo kiss is re considered in public places through the constructed absence of affection; social media campaigns to re promote the kiss and encourage awareness of International Kissing Day; the reflective language of hand made endearment is recrafted using the instant messaging symbols of the emoji; virus micrographs as works of art, highlight the darker side of press reports on bacterial studies conducted around the act of kissing whilst in a play on the emotionally explosive moment the surface graphics of fireworks are appropriated to convey reality accounts of the first kiss.
The show is open until 18th March 2016

This exhibition will form part of Artsfest in June

For more information about this show visit the shows blog.

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