Thursday, 16 February 2017

Sarah Hyndman - Type Talk to Visual Communication students

The second careers week event staged in the Visual Communication department has been a Type Tasting talk by Sarah Hyndman. An experiential typographic studio founded by Sarah four years ago, Type Tasting explores the psychology of typefaces and multi sensory typography. Sarah works on collaborative studies with the Crossmodal Research Laboratory at the University of Oxford and her work includes:

• Explorations of typeface personality and typographic perceptions leading to conclusions related to cost/prestige, identity, motivation, openness, trust, skill, mood, emotions, energy. 

• Analysis of the impact of the form of type, including serifs vs sans serifs as well as deconstructing shape associations. 

• Innovative exploration of multi-sensory (cross modal) typography, focusing on perceptions relating to smell, taste and touch. 

Sarah's Type Tasting talk was enjoyed by Visual Communication students 

"My aim through Type Tasting is to change the way people think and talk about type. I am quantifying the experiences of the type consumer to create language that describes the experience of type, which does not require the terminology of design experts. 

Research into the perception of typography underpins the Type Tasting approach. I am quantifying the type consumer experience (or user experience) to provide information that can inform design decisions, nudge behaviour in a positive way, and increase awareness of the impact typefaces have in our everyday lives." said Sarah 

For more information on Sarah’s work

Sarah's latest book How to Draw Type and Influence People will be published in April.

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