Friday, 10 March 2017

Information Overload Exhibition

Information Overload is an exhibition of work by third year Visual Communication students, produced in response to Alvin Tofflers 1970’s book Futureshock which pointed to the effects on decision making resulting from excessive quantities of content.

The work on display explores themes of data excess, fragmented decision making and graphic malfunction in the 24/7 information economy. Headline statistics such as 90% of the worlds data has been generated during the past few years and contemporary views of neuroscientists, learning researchers, marketers and creative artists, contribute to voices supporting the debate about the effects of informational multitasking. The evolving data economy has also been an influence for artists and visual communicators. Information Overload is on display in the Bessant Gallery of the School of Art and Design until 17th March. This work will also be exhibited with Artfest 2017

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