Monday, 11 June 2018

Norton Canes School Visit the 2018 Final Show

Arts staff and students Norton Canes High School have visited the 2018 Wolverhampton School of Art final show.

“After visiting the University of Wolverhampton on a number of occasions, studying Art and Design at Wolverhampton School of Art has become an aspirational goal for Norton Canes students” said Alexina Evans, Head of Art at Norton Canes School.

“From our visit to this year’s impressive final show, our students have been able to gain a better understanding of how art and design ideas develop, plus the care and attention put into the final show displays has provided Norton Canes Students with inspiration for their own work.

Visits to Wolverhampton Art School help my students to embed their learning experience at School within the wider professional creative industries, inspiring them to consider art and design as a future career option” she continued.

This years final show which is open from Saturday 9 June - Wednesday 20 June from 10am - 4pm (closed Sundays). The final show is part of Artsfest.

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