Thursday, 7 April 2011

Call for entries - 786432PX

Graphics MA student Fred Munnelly is staging an exhibition entitled 786432PX. Fred is asking student to submit designs in response to his brief.

"The true secret of happiness lies in taking genuine interest in all details of daily life." William Morris.

'A designers world is based on pixels." says Fred; whether we work digitally or on paper, all of our work is still ultimately produced in pixels. Pixels have become a portal to the world around us - think of blogs, websites and even items of print. Surely design goes beyond pixels? In order to create something extraordinary, does there not need to be a concept, a theory? Without emotion, does a design have meaning? 786432PX will be an exhibition reflecting designers’ personality, an exhibition, that expresses the exhibitors differing views on life.

"I want to inspire people to break away from the shackles of convention to become designers of the future."

Find out more about exhibiting by visiting Fred's site:

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