Tuesday, 5 April 2011

‘Type Writing’ conference at Birmingham City University

Jessica Glaser has recently participated in the ‘Type Writing’ conference at Birmingham City University. Her paper explored the connection between the visual and verbal language of typography.

The overall event focused on the link between the typographer and the writer of words, be their texts literary, commercial, instructional or inspirational; whether they have been produced by a professional writer, graphic auteur or the casual passer-by who has simply given form to his thoughts.

As well as Jessica, other speakers included:

Gregg Bernstein, Georgia State University, USA; Henrik Birkvig, Danish School of Media & Journalism, Denmark; UK; Borja Goyarrola, Graphic Design Associate, Will Alsop at RMJM, London, UK; Juliette Kristensen, Kingston University, London, UK; Alex Lazarou, Designer, Editor, London UK; Mathieu Lommen, University of Amsterdam, Netherlands; Rachel Marsden, Artist, curator, Stafford, UK; Sarah Maxey, Artist, Wellington, New Zealand; Steven McCarthy, University of Minnesota, USA; Kathryn Moore, Birmingham City University, UK; John Neilson, Letter cutter, Wales; Ben Waddington, Historian, Birmingham UK

Jessica’s paper will soon be published on the Typographic Hub web site: http://www.typographichub.org/

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