Monday, 12 March 2012

Sian Mcgivern- Graduate Success

Graphics graduate Sian Mcgivern talks about the challenges of her job as a copywriter.
I work as a copywriter within the Marketing and Communications department at the University of wolverhampton. This involves proofreading, copyediting and creating copy for marketing materials for the University’s schools and corporate services eg. brochures, leaflets, prospectuses, flyers, e-zines, web articles, postcards…

I have also been asked to produce articles for the University’s magazines, including WLVInsider (our staff magazine) and Knowledge – our B2B magazine – which, although challenging, has enabled me to develop my writing skills.

We are a very busy department – processing around 1000 jobs a year! During my first week, I had to learn the University style guide and proofing marks – but since I have settled in I don’t find that I have to keep referring back to them so much.

It’s been really interesting learning about marketing in education, meeting new people and finding out their roles within the University. Within the department, I work opposite the graphic designers and I think it’s really important that the copywriters and designers work together through a project in order to produce an exciting and successful end product.

I have always wanted a career in publishing, and working as a copywriter has given me more skills and confidence. It has also enabled me to work within a team environment – something that is quite different after working as a freelance graphic designer!

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