Monday, 14 October 2013

Just have to share - Banksy has unannounced Art Sale

For his 13th day in New York, Banksy pulled an amazing prank on unsuspecting passersby in Central Park by setting up an unannounced art stall with dozens of 100% original signed canvases. In a world where copies of unlicensed Banksy works are available cheaply, it’s not inconceivable for somebody to peddle cheap knockoffs for $60 each. To further camouflage the artwork the booth was labeled simply “SPRAY ART” and manned by an unsuspecting old man who seemed completely uninterested in what he was doing.

So after having the art stall for a day in Central Park, with an inventory that could have value into the hundreds of thousands of dollars over a period of 7 hours just three people bought a total of 8 canvases (one of whom managed to haggled the price down 50%) Total take for the day: $480.

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