Monday, 21 October 2013

Words at Play: MMU Collaboration

Wolverhampton Visual Communications students joined Creative Writing students from MMU Cheshire’s Contemporary Arts in a collaboration of writing, film, multimedia, graphic design and illustration. The exhibition opened on Tuesday 8th October at the MMU Campus and included impromptu performances of poetry, prose and dance.
Jess and Lyndsey Pritchard with Tutor Dave Colton 

Words at Play is a celebration of diverse and innovative approaches to creative writing, to writing which spills off the page and into the realms of art, theory and performance.
‘Students have investigated the shifting technological, cultural and spiritual climate of the 21st Century, an era which is pushing creative writing into a new exciting realm, one in which the realist novel may be deemed to be in crisis’ said Dr Julie Armstrong who put the event together.
Aneta with Alex Golubovs and tutor Marc Austin

Visual Communications students contributed a range of varied and exciting responses to the written work, which were very well received by staff, students and the public who attended the opening. The event ended with a poetry slam that featured performances from MMU students and established poets, Mike Garry and Vanessa Kisuule. The exhibition runs for three weeks.
Craig Hancock and his father Mark, with Tracey Austin 

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