Thursday, 27 February 2014

TYPE TALKS : The Symposium

Type Talks Symposium is taking place on 26 March at the Parkside building BIAD and will present the work of the postgraduate research community in the School of Visual Communication. 

Speakers include:

JEFF LEAK whose presentation will focus on projections in the environment: an investigation into and the creation of projected graphic interventions

JESSICA GLASER who will speak about research into the role of typography within gendered graphic communication.

Other speakers include:
SAM ROBERTS - Ghostsigns in the community
GERALDINE MARSHALL -  A taxonomy of urban letterforms: Birmingham
DAVID OSBALDESTIN - William Calson IV and the rise of the sansserifs

This event is a must for anyone with an interest in typography - tickets are free but should be booked in advance here
The Symposium begins at 2.00pm and more information can be found here

The location of the Parkside Building can be found here

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