Thursday, 17 July 2014

Jessica Glaser's new book - designer and student contributions

Jessica Glaser’s second edition of The Graphic Design Exercise Book contains inspiring examples by a range of designers from around the world. Some of these projects kindly submitted are by Wolverhampton visual communication students and alumni. See a snapshot of some of the pages from her book here:
Alex Golubovs

Left page, designs by Clive Moore. Right page, illustrations by Ben Kelly
Designs by Visual Communication alumni Lena Matthies
 Right page, designs by Visual Communication alumni Jonny Costello
Left Page  designs by Visual Communication alumni Sean Bird of Daredevil Design and right page designs by alumni Zoe Hern

Many thanks must go to visual communication students Sarah Collins, Alex Golubovs, Christy Guan, Craig Hancock, Abigail Irwin, Sian Pryce and Kyle Visser for their contributions

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