Thursday, 10 July 2014

The Second Graphic Design Exercise Book by Jessica Glaser

With the quest to expand knowledge and skills often at the forefront of their minds, graphic designers love the excitement of an inspiring, creative project. 

Many varied disciplines come together to give this unique profession great breadth, however, it can be hard to gain experience and insight in all areas. The revised, second edition of The Graphic Design Exercise Book by Jessica Glaser is about to be published in the UK by Frances Lincoln, providing not only a wide spectrum of briefs and working methodologies but also design examples and insight from a variety of international designers. This new book is divided into 4 sections, each focusing on a specific design genre: packaging, visual identity and branding, layout for print and screen and design for music. Interviews and in-progress work are included, while a number of fully realised projects illustrate possible outcomes.

Spread featuring designs by Visual Communication Alumni Robin Walton Of Narrow House for Just Juice, Aceites Clavero and Clesa Fresh Milk

Find out more about the first edition of The Graphic Design Exercise book here


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