Monday, 3 November 2014

The World of Ben Kelly

Ben Kelly’s latest show ‘The World of Ben Kelly’ has been one of his most eagerly anticipated exhibitions. He has had four major shows of his work in the last two years and in each case he has sold out weeks before the opening night. This has been Ben’s biggest one-man show to date and as soon as it was announced, he was inundated with interest.  

“In each painting Kelly is able to render the atmosphere evocatively, imparting a strong sense of seasonal shifts and nature sublime that chimes with the moods of life. And in each we get the equanimity of activity and poise, a sense of timelessness and particularity, bustle and solitude. 

Throughout his oeuvre Kelly’s landscapes have progressed in nature and range. They have broadened out both geographically and emotionally. They are commemorative in most cases of the unique appreciation of human encounters, between each other or the poignant moments shared between man and his dog. They are markers of specific events, of the celebratory atmosphere of the Queen’s Jubilee or the dark underside of gang culture.

Kelly’s great gift remains the ability to filter the essence and simplicity of human nature and present it in a contemporary idiom.” Says Dr Rina Arya

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