Monday, 17 November 2014

‘We Few’ by Lisa J. Wilson

Second year Visual Communication student Lisa Wilson has recieved considerable interest in her project 'We Few'. Originally created during her Foundation Course at Wolverhampton University, she chose the theme, World War One. Lisa wanted to create a piece to commemorate the First World War centenary and honour all those who lived, fought and gave their lives; in particular, the unsung heroes and heroines, the anonymous faces in a photograph, the nameless and the forgotten. She wanted to create a piece of work that would portray hope amidst the devastation of war.

The ten subjects of Lisa's piece, The Calpin brothers, have been referred to as the largest ‘Band of Brothers’ ever to go to war. Originally from York, the Calpins fought in the trenches of France and Flanders and with the British Navy. Amazingly all came home alive. When Lisa learned of their remarkable, yet relatively unknown story she chose to depict The Calpins through a series of hand-crafted paper cut portraits.

"Using layers of coloured paper cut with a scalpel, working intimately with each face, bringing life to their eyes, intricately rebuilding and finally reuniting the brothers as one, pays tribute to their patriotism amongst many, and offers viewers an interesting and hopeful insight into a small, yet significant World War One story" says Lisa

"A typographic companion piece, listing each brother’s name and age at the time of the war, adds a personal and informative insight. Paper cut poppies accompany the piece, both in the typography and simply rested on the floor beneath the portraits. Their inclusion gives emphasis to the theme of the piece, as a recognisable symbol of Remembrance and hope." she continues

The film shows Lisa with  Mick Caplin, the grandson of Ernest Caplin at the exhibition of her work at the University.

Lisa's artwork has recently been on display at Qube Gallery, Oswestry as part of their Open Art Exhibiton, from September to November. 

The artwork is about to find a permanent home in York with the granddaughter of John Calpin - the eldest brother.

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