Monday, 31 August 2015

Amy Evans - MA Show

Using a piece of contemporary music surrounding the idea of things being ‘in and out of control’ as a starting point for Amy's MA Project. 

"My work explores the use of different media to convey narrative illustrations. The narrative context of my work is integral to the interactivity between the viewer and the message behind it. Comprised of four themes (Love, War, Grey, and Forms) derived from a piece of music, I allow my work to remain accessible by using humour and narrative.

With an interest in natural forms, my work abstracts the human form, and using geometric shapes, marries the forms of man and nature to create humorous or grotesque combinations. The manipulation of the human form is something which in western society we use as a mean of control over our bodies. My prints distort the figure to create humorous characteristics which highlights how ridiculous we look when we try to control nature."

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