Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Charlotte Kelly - MA Show

The central theme in Charlotte's work is the use of collage to explore contemporary culture.

"My practice asserts the medium as a site to collect the disparate fragments that constitute the self, in order to reflect the post-modern narrative self and post-human considerations of the self. Collage presents the subject as a conduit for these societal and cultural signifiers, explaining the anonymity and fragmentation of the self within post-modern culture.

My dissertation engages with the exploration of collage as a way to consider the body in relation to technology. Focusing on the edge of a component within a collage as the site of meaning formation initiates an investigation into the blurring of the boundaries between the human and the machine. Hannah Höch’s Dada photomontage will be viewed as anticipating current realities; her work becomes a fore warner of capitalistic society, and the blurring of boundaries between the biological and technological."

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