Thursday, 3 September 2015

Laxmi Bhatti - MA Show

"My project focuses on the interaction of the use of digital technology in Hinduism, which is about maintaining the authentic and traditional aspects of the religion, whilst also recognising the importance of integrating religion and technology." says Laxmi

The Dharma Project is a Hindu Foundation that aspires to participate in various awareness- raising campaigns to effectively create a positive link between Hinduism, technology and globalisation. The campaigns strive for a betterment of human life and mankind in order to reach the main objective of bringing together global communities in order to collect funds to support worldwide charities.

Current projects include, the launch of branded t-shirts introducing the existence of the foundation. The android application, which is another project provides a fun platform for educating Hinduism. The app portrays the symbolism of Hindu Deities and teaches true meanings and how these can be incorporated in the modern Hindu lifestyle.

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