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Type Talks - 2015/16

The Typographic Hub part of the 
Centre for Printing History & Culture
is pleased to announce the 2015/16 series of free

22 October 2015
James Langdon: In conversation with the Ikon Gallery
Simon Taylor and James Langdon discuss Fiona Banner’s use of type and the origins of ‘Font’, used for her current exhibition at IKON Scroll Down and Keep Scrollling.
More information here.

12 November 2015
Yves Peters: Trajan in movie posters
Soon after its appearance on the font market more than twenty years ago, the Adobe Original Trajan was embraced by Hollywood. Now it seems to grace more movie posters than any other typeface. Its stately and classic character shapes made it the go-to choice for Oscar material. Yet in recent years the popular font has apparently fallen from grace, and a pretender to the throne is vying to take its place.
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26 November 2015
Stacey Barnfield: Local heroes: the creative minds that helped shape Birmingham
From Joseph Chamberlain to John Feeney and from John Baskerville to George Cadbury Birmingham built a manufacturing prowess thanks in no small part to creative thinkers and generous leaders. Arising from his passion for the city’s conservation, heritage and aesthetic legacy during times of constant change and regeneration Stacey Barnfield looks at some of the key players in the city's industrial, design and creative legacy.
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10 December 2015
Morag Myerscough: Title to be confirmed
Morag Myerscough is one of the UK’s most prolific designers.Her work is characterized by an engaging boldness, creating specific, local responses to each distinct audience that will see and experience the design, using it to create community and build identity.
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14 January 2016
John Neilson: Words in stone
People have carved stone inscriptions since the invention of written language. Britain has had one of the richest lettercarving traditions in the western world, flourishing in the eighteenth century and then again in the twentieth in the wake of the pioneer Eric Gill. John Neilson will outline some of this historical context in the UK and continental Europe, and then illustrate what a present-day lettercarver gets up to with examples from his own work.
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11 February 2016
Sebastian Lester: Peace, hellfire and outer space
Seb Lester charts his life in letters from student days to working for some of the biggest companies in the world to current art and design projects. The presentation includes a section on designing a logo for a NASA space mission. Seb will also be speaking about how he ended up with over a million followers on social media.
More information here.

10 March 2016
Robert Green: Salvaging the Doves Press type
The Doves typeface was used to print some of the most famous books of its day and became hugely valuable … Then the man who created it hurled it into the Thames. This is the story of how Robert Green and a team of divers from the Port of London Authority managed to recover 151 piece of type.
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14 April 2016
Jean Francois Porchez: Adding value to the invisibility of typefaces
In the beginning was the word. Then came the writing, an almost universal way to convey a message in a sustainable way, a thought, an emotion. For most readers, typefaces are neither understood nor effectively analyzed but only interpreted (often instinctively) as a tool that supports reading. Despite their omnipresence and constantly reuse type and typography remains transparent to the public. So how does one develop something that is invisible?
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