Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Melina Beil - MA Show

Melina's show focuses on what makes us unique? From a purely scientific point of view nothing but our DNA makes us unique. DNA carries most of the genetic instructions used in the functioning of all known living organisms.

For social reasons we feel the need to define our identity and do this in different ways, such as the way we dress. One key way of marking or adorning our bodies is with jewellery, which has always been used in human culture. It was used as a way of showing one’s identity and affiliation.

"My project combines DNA and jewellery. By extracting DNA, it can be made visible and turned into or used as the basis for jewellery. It can be your own DNA or that of someone dear to you. The DNA inside jewellery can be used to show your literal identity, your sense of belonging, or even your love for someone else." says Melina

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