Thursday, 3 September 2015

Ann-Katrin Katsis - MA Show

"Our planet is our home, our only home. Where should we go, if we destroy it" (Dalai Lama, 2004)

My project is about creating an illustrated book. I have produced clear, thought-provoking and colourful Illustrations, which reflect what we do in our environment and how we need to look after the planet and think about the impact we are having in order to make a difference in the future" said Ann-Katrin.

My basic sources are the environment, art that uses rubbish, and illustration. By following the example of the artists who use rubbish in their work, I gathered bits and pieces that littered the streets. My main objective was to transform the old into the new, the useless into the useful. I want to include the rubbish directly into my work because it enlivens the idea as well as the form, rendering it more tangible and authentic.

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