Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Alan Lee - MA Show

Not just a fluffy tale is a short 2D animated film aimed at children and the young at heart, produced by Alan Lee during his MA study

"The film is about a wandering bunny that finds a carrot but encounters another bunny who also wants it. A fight over the carrot ensues however they’re too distracted to notice a third bunny that swoops in for the prize and even watches the brawl from the side-line!
 The moral of the story is; when you quarrel, someone else gains, something that children or even young teenagers can learn from.

Most of the film was created in cut out animation in After Effects and all the sets and characters were built in Photoshop. Through the visuals, I tried to mimic old cartoons with a simple style and block colours to help keep the sense of humour flowing even through the ‘violent’ fight scene like a Tom and Jerry sequence."
says Alan

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