Thursday, 3 September 2015

Ramona Bietenbeck - MA Show

Ramona describes her project and show as containing contains two components, both of which are about representations of Japanese culture. 
"The first part is a film, which illustrates excerpts and impressions of the Japanese community in my hometown, Düsseldorf. The Japanese community comprises a smaller community within the German urban environment and influences our understanding of cosmopolitanism and global exchange.

The second part is an adaption of a Japanese woodcut of the Edo period that has been updated for the contemporary in the modern city of Düsseldorf. My interest in the art of the Edo period, as inspired by the artist Hokusai, inspired me to do a study of soft cuts and digital imitated cuts, which show a series of different views of the Rhine Tower of Düsseldorf. The pictures being created are modern interpretations of the art of the Edo period and the different art styles of that time."

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