Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Joana Schlutter - MA Show

"Mental health awareness is very important in order for society to function well. Physical health has a lot of provision for care and mental health needs to be treated similarly." says Joana

"The pace of modern life in Western societies can lead to growing levels of stress and anxiety, and this often leads to depression. In this campaign I want to raise awareness about depression. While recognizing the variety and degrees of depression it is something that hampers the full functioning of the individual and can be debilitating. Many people with depression struggle to look after themselves. It is important that families and friends lend a helping hand to make life easier and to show the sufferer that they are cared for. This in turn can alleviate feelings of isolation and despondency.

This campaign shows the effects of reaching out and caring, and show carers that they can be helped too" she continues.

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