Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Blueprint - Grey London's entry level talent scheme


Blueprint is Grey London's entry level talent scheme for the people who will fuel our culture and one day lead our industry. It’s for the hungry minded with the energy to make famous world defining work.

If that sounds like you, we’re interested in your talents and where you want them to take you, no matter what your background is. We’re open to everyone so select the route you're interested in and apply. To find out more and make an application see here

"We’re always welcoming people who think the way we do.
Energy beats talent. Beats grades. Beats time."
- Nils Leonard, Chief Creative Officer and Chairman

Advertising might look like a closed shop when you’re starting out. But that’s not the case at Grey London. We’re famously open.

We welcome anyone who has the energy to forge a long and remarkable career in the creative industry. We aren’t precious about where you’ve come from, we just want people with a can do attitude.

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