Thursday, 3 December 2015

Just Have to Share - Monotype Recorder

Monotype launched their first issue of Recorder Magazine last year – a bi-annual magazine which uncovers the world of Typography and graphic design. Monotype is an international type house that publishes and designs new typefaces, as well as bespoke type. The Recorder was designed by graphic designer & art director Luke Tonge, and it could definitely be declared as being one of the most aesthetically beautiful editorial print magazines devoted to the art of type in circulation.

Since the initial launch and success of the first issue of Recorder amongst typenerds & typophiles - art director Luke Tonge and ( Editor ) Emma Tucker have recombined their talents for the secondary type & illustrated issue – featuring a broad range of subjects. For this issue of Recorder, topics such as sport branding to the continued resurgence of sign writing are covered. The content is once again divided into four sections – features, profiles, opinions and essays – each one appropriately balanced.

Type infiltrates almost every aspect of our visual culture. Whether it’s on our screens, in our books, or on the streets we walk; the letters that surround us play an integral role in our lives. To celebrate and explore this further, we’re relaunching the original Monotype magazine, The Recorder. Taking on a new editorial remit, and a complete redesign courtesy of Luke Tonge, the twice-yearly magazine will focus on the wider implications of typography and how it contributes to a broader cultural context. Monotype

more information can be found here

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